Running from the bogeyman.

I wanna take you way way way back to 2013.. okay not really all that long ago but who doesn't like a dramatic opener to set the mood?!

It was the summer of 2013. I had just started out running around one of our local lakes. The lake path is almost a full 7 mile paved run. Beautiful run with only a couple distractions and obstacles along the way.  I liked to start in the same spot and knew the ins and out of the path pretty well. I knew where I could sit a minute and take a breath. I knew where I go stop and get a drink. I knew where I could pull out a wedgie without anyone noticing. I also knew where all the spooky and maybe a little creepy spots were. I loved this path. I jogged it every day.

Ever since I was a little girl watching Silence of the Lambs I have been fascinated with true crime shows and books. I don't know what it is about them; I guess I get lost in the thought that these sick people do some many horrible, unthinkable things to people and get away with it. Heck I can't pee alone in my house without someone finding me; but that's another blog another day.

This one particle day in June I was reading about this serial killer who was killing joggers and some how there bodies were missing for days, even months. Let's just say not a good read when you run alone either early in the morning or late into the evening. See I live in a "safe" town. Nothing happens here.. I mean nothing.. so nothing like this would ever happen here... right?!

Just like all serious runners I had all the latest gear. I had Nike run trackers. I had HR monitors. I carried my cell phone with running gps apps. You name it; I owned it. That evening I decided to go out on my daily jog. I started off with a good pace from my normal spot. It would be 2 miles before I would see anyone I knew. I stopped (big pet peeve of mine but what are you suppose to do) to visit for a couple minutes then continued on my way. At around mile marker 4 I started to think about the story I read that morning. I started thinking about my beautiful 7 mile run and what dangerous spots we have along the path. At mile marker 2 there is a 1/2 mile stretch of a beautiful shaded path. Very private and well now thinking maybe dangerous. Then at mile marker 5 the path runs along state forest land. Thick woods on one side and quiet street on the other.

I got to thinking this area is coming up and it would be the perfect place to grab someone. You guessed it.. fear set in. I got to thinking about how I would solve my own murder. By now my feet are really moving.. along with my heart rate. I think about the people I stopped to visit with. They would tell police that they saw me at approximately such in such time. I thought if abductor took me and I still had my shoes on - they would find my body because I had my Nike trackers on and clearly someone would think to check my last gps point; right? I turn my music up louder hoping to drown out my thoughts with some "single ladies" and the thumping of my heart beat. I make my way to mile marker 6 and think to myself - I am safe. I made it. I can slow down now.. I take a deep breath and can feel my heart rate slowing back down to normal. Then... tap tap tap.. out of nowhere a friend catches up with me and taps me on the shoulder. I don't think I have ever screamed so loud in my whole life. I am sure I scared off any future bogeymen at the same time breaking my personal best run time.

Moral of the story either run with a partner or do not read crime stories before an evening run in the woods.


  1. I have had a life-long problem with nightmares...probably because of my proclivity for horror novels :)



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