Two-Piece vs. Granny

As I look outside to the snow falling onto the frozen ground I can't help but think no dream and hope that summer will once again come.

Two summers ago I was at my lowest weight post kids. I was at 152 pounds and feeling sexy and happy with all my hard work. Now here I am back up to 192 pounds and all I see in the mirror is a fat depressed girl.

My boyfriend; bless his heart is so kind to me. He tells me all the time how sexy and beautiful I am. He almost had me talked into a two piece swimsuit.

But lets face it a woman my size should not be seen on the beach in anything less then a tent.
I have short chunky trunk legs. I have huge love handles. I have a bloated pregnant looking tummy with a front butt lower tummy. I have jiggly arms. I have bad skin. I get shave bumps, back of leg acne and am white as white can get. There isn't anything about me that should be in anything less then jeans and a hoodie all summer long.

So what is the right type of swim suit for this type of body type? Am I descended to wear an over sized "mom/granny" suit forever?


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