Weigh-in Wednesday Week 1

I tend to focus on my flaws, which makes me feel bad about myself no matter what. I want to lose the weight because I know I looked better and felt better at a lower weight; but at the same time, I look far better now then I did at 212. I'd like to feel and think that I am pretty.  Dropping the extra weight would really help that. 

Let's get to Weigh-in Wednesday. This morning the scale read 187.6 which is the highest it has read in over 2 years. I am so ashamed... I am ashamed that I allowed myself to gain back all lot of the weight I had lost and worked so hard to lose. But, I will pick myself up and work towards losing it again and this time keep it off. On a side note this scale that my sister is way too small. I believe it to be accurate and it's a huge space saver but way, way too small. 

Since I like to set goals and challenges for myself, I'd like to challenge myself to give the calorie counting 100% effort for six weeks. After that, I can reevaluate and see how I like it and how it's working. But for now, I'll focus on the next six weeks. I'd really love to drop 10 pounds before Christmas, which is about 7 weeks away. And I'd be over the moon to be back at my goal weight of 155 in 2016. The weight doesn't come off as quickly as it used to, but all I can do is my best effort and see what happens!


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