Labor Day 5K

Summer is almost over and what better way to end summer then with a 5K. Heck I started summer that way so why not..

Memorial Day's 5K time was kind of messed up since the race ended up being a half mile longer. I calculated my time at 35.55.

I decided in June to run another 5K this time hoping to get a real honest time. I ran the Diaper Rash at received a time of 38.31. This time I ran with a friend and we really were not pushing ourselves.

I ran/walked a couple ColorRun's during the summer but really after the Memorial Day race I did not do much training.

This all brings us to Labor Day 5K. This was my first time racing this route. I had ran the route with my daughter the week before and best time was 39 mins. I was not real hopeful. Race day I woke up with a horrible head cold. My running partner got sick also so really had no idea how well we would do. We started off strong with a 10 min mile pace. We managed to run our first mile at this 10/11 min mile pace. Took a short walk and decided that I should go on without her since she was really not feeling so hot. Sadly I took off run/jogging/walking without her the rest of the way. I finished at 35.12 net time. After finishing the first time I decided I should go back and finish strong with my dear friend. I found her just a couple minutes behind me and together we finished the race.


  1. you did really good and it shows strength the kind that comes from within that even sick, even after finishing the race you went back to finish with your friend. You are a total winner!



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