Anytime you are working on losing weight and setting goals you think about things that you hope change when you lose weight. I refer to them at the mile stone successes. We all have them. "I want to walk without my legs rubbing together." I want to wear "normal" size clothing." "I want to run down the stairs to answer the phone and not be out of breath." Things like this. I have a long list of these things. On this list I have clothing sizes I hope to see again. I have things like single digit jeans. Knee high boots. Fit into my wedding dress. Etc. This past weekend I was able to see something I haven't seen in a long time and boy did it feel good.

Drum roll............................

That's right it's a med. top. Something I have not seen in at least 8 years. I can't wear all med. tops but I will get there. 

What are some of your mile stone successes?


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Diaper Dash 5K

Finally the weather is starting to warm up here in Michigan. This past weekend we had fairly decent weather and was able to do a ton of things with the girls. Our goal was to keep family fun time expenses down under $50.

I started off the weekend by completely a 5K. I set out to complete a 5K a month all summer long. I completed my my first one in May on Memorial Day. This was my June race. We have a local group that holds an annual race called the Diaper Dash. This race helps raise funds to help local mothers by purchasing items like diapers.. I completed the 5K in 38.31. Not my best time this year but not a bad time either. I am feeling pretty good. I am sure I could have pushed myself harder, but no second guessing what didn't happen. Only goal setting for next year.

? What does one do with all their race shirts and numbers ?

My legs were so sore after the race that I could barely walk. I am sure I over did it with my personal trainer on Friday. 

Last summer my family was introduced to Geocaching. Ever since we have been dying to go again. Since the weather was nice we decided to head out Saturday and see how many we could find within a 3 mile radius of the house. We found 4. Here is a picture of my two oldest daughter checking out one of them. 

We finished up Saturday night with a fire. Perfect way to end a perfect day. Sunday morning after a big breakfast we headed to complete our fun cheap family weekend. We started out by shooting 9 holes of disc golf. Than we finished it up by spending a couple hours fishing. We didn't catch anything but for our first time out this year we had a great time. 

Life gets so busy sometimes that we forget to just sit back and enjoy the time we get together. This weekend we proved that you could do just that for little to no money.


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