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Wha Who!!!

Okay, Okay you're asking 1st off "where have you been?" and 2nd "why the Wha Who?" Let's talk about the 1st question. I am a mental roller coaster. I can't ever seem to be happy with my success and beat myself up over the smallest of bumps. Friday started off as a great day which leads me to the 2nd question. During the spring and summer hours I work 4 days a week; which means I get Friday's off. I have partnered up with 2 wonderful ladies who agreed to split personal training time with me. This is huge because I went from spending $70 a month for 2 hrs to only spending $47 a month for 4 hours. Okay so back to the Wha Who. Friday morning I weighed in and guess what? The scale read 162.2! That's right for those of you who have been following my blog that meant that I reached 50 pounds gone for good.. I have always been on this weight loss journey. Some days I am moving forward and some backwards. I started to get really serious about in Nov. 2011 after looking at picture of myself with my beautiful daughter. I decided right then that I needed to lose weight not only for myself but to set an example for my daughters.

November 2011 - My oldest daughter MiKayla

30th Birthday Sept. 2011

30th Birthday Sept. 2011

Any normal person would be over the moon with excitement. No; not this girl. I set up the camera to take an after shot to compare to "fat" me and I don't see a huge difference. I see small ones but I don't see this wow image. I look at other people's photos and see this amazing before and after but when I look at mine I see a little smaller tummy but that is it. I have only gone down 3 pant sizes and 1 top size. 

After my Friday morning personal training session I decide to take the gals advice and go shopping for a new top and maybe try on some old 'fat' me size clothing. I never made it the 'fat' me section because I got lost in the 'new' me stuff. I found this great new top. I am very excited about it. Not only is a beautiful top, but I love the way I look and feel in it. 

Apparently I don't know how to take dressing room photos.
Check it out - Size 'L'
This was just the pick me up that I needed. I decided to celebrate by going out to lunch with my husband and then to the movies with my kids. The bad news is that 'fat' me made an appearance and pigged out. As of this morning I am still battling 2 weekend pounds I need to drop off so that I can get back to my 50 gone Wha Who...

I set a goal for myself at the beginning of the year to drop down to 155 by my mid-July vacation. I have 10 to drop in 10 weeks. Very doable if I bury 'fat' me and focus. Here's to the next 10... stay tuned...



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