The Simple Things

Have you ever heard the song "Simple Things" by Kenny Chesney? It's a song about drinking addictions but rings true for any situation where you feel lost or helpless. When you struggle and feel like you've lost the battle.  I was sitting here and something sparked my mind. Everyone has their own reasons for losing weight. It ranges from happiness/self-confidence to wanting to be able to wear a size 2 or a bikini with pride. However, everyone has random and uncommon reasons they want to lose to. Maybe they are not part of common knowledge people people are too embarrassed/shy to discuss them openly. What are you uncommon simple things you miss or reasons you want to lose weight? 

My Simple Things are:

1. I want to go to the store and not feel embarrassed when buying a chocolate bar. At the moment, I don't buy them because I feel like people are staring at the "fat girl buying the candy".

2. I don't want to be that girl who walks up three flights of stares and is completely out of breath and having a heart attack.

3. I think it would be funny to see my clothes that I wear now be baggy and barely fit me. I would still wear them sometimes to, as weird as it sounds!

4. I don't want to have back boobs anymore!

5. I would like to have my thighs NOT invade each others space!!!

Maybe these are really uncommon reasons, but they are different than the whole common "I want to be pretty" or "I want to be healthy" reasons!


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