Memorial Day 5K

The big day came and went and I survived.. I more then survived; I rocked the Memorial Day 5K. I set a goal to beat my personal best time and I did that plus... My best time previously was 44.41 this time it was calculated at 35.55. That is over 8 mins faster then my best time. There was a little bit of confusion on the track layout and after we all finished it was announced that the actual race was a 3.6 mile rather then the 3.1 so I had to calculate my 5K time from my finishing time of 41.28. I wonder how well I would have done if I would of finished stronger a 1/2 mile back? Guess we will find out next year. Now to start preparing for the Diaper Dash in 2 weeks. The Diaper Dash is a typical 5K but all the proceeds go to helping low income families buy diapers.

Oldest daughter MiKayla (11), Middle daughter Nicole (8) and myself. 

My oldest daughter MiKayla

This is me; okay hard to see but I am the one with the pink line across my butt. 


  1. you girls all did great! Very proud of you Melody you have come very far over a hard road! You rock!!!



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