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What's that smell?!

Let me take a minute and start off with a little geography lesson. Sault Ste Marie has two sides.. There is a Michigan one and a Canada one. I have only ever been to the Michigan one. Sault Ste. Marie is the oldest city in Michigan, and among the oldest cities in the United States. The world-famous Soo Locks are found here. Other then that there really is nothing up there.. Okay I used the word up so let me explain. Sault Ste. Marie is in the UP or Michigan's upper peninsula. Which means it's cold and boring. It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive for us plus we have to cross the great Mackinac Bridge. The Mackinac Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Straits of Mackinac to connect the non-contiguous Upper and Lower peninsulas.

I bet your asking yourself why I am telling you all this... Unless you are trying to hide from one or get away from civilization - why? One word "bowling". That's right once a year all the bowling drunks gather at one place the Dondee Lanes for their annual bowling tournament. One word "boring". But like the good wife I went last year. I went for multiple reasons. First it gave Aaron and I a reason to get away. Second it allows me to babysit and keep him out of trouble or to much trouble.

Last year the whole team carpooled up together; in my van. (see my soccer mom mini comes in handy). Only one other wife went up and thankfully she is a good friend of mine so we have a good time. The team is made up of 5 guys all with totally different personalities. You have my husband who is typically pretty laid back and likes to win but also likes to have a good time. Then we have an older guy who brings his family up with him and doesn't tend to get drunk like the rest of the team. Then we have a couple fun guys who like to drink, bowl, and have a good time. Throw in a single guy looking to score with anyone and well that makes for an interesting time.

Somewhere around mid-day Aaron misses his mouth spills a drink on himself. Not just any drink either, it's a cement mixer. A cement mixer is made up of lime cordial and Bailey's Irish Cream. Looks like this

or this if it sits long enough.

I can't drink it, not sure who or why...

So like a good wife I went to the closest store and picked him up a new shirt and took the mixer shirt out to the van. The night continues with good times, bowling, and of course drinking. After bowling and dinner we decide it is best to shuttle over to the casino (only thing to do in this town). Sadly we didn't have any luck.. not sure that we even played. On the way back to the hotel my wonderful drunk husband attempts to get the shuttle to drive through McDonalds but was unable to so we ordered pizza. In the middle of the night, with a drunk husband and a long day behind us it was the best pizza on earth.

The next day consist of sobering Bloody Mary's and you guessed it more bowling. Thankfully Sunday is a short day. After a long weekend everyone is ready to head home... we open the van... and guess what?! The mixer shirt has become curdled and has stunk up the van. The small is so, so very bad... and we all have to ride home in this van.. I am sick to my stomach with embarrassment.

It is that time of the year again.. We are packing up and getting the kids situated so that we can take our annual trip north. Really hoping this years event ends better then last.


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