Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You're always A day A way!

Woke up this morning to find that spring must have came and gone without me knowing it because it was icy and cold and not spring. Gotta love Northern Michigan. I work in the accounting office for the county road commission and for us this kind of day makes for a long one. The only thing nice is that we switch over to our spring/summer hours next week. This means that I will work Mon-Thursday 10 hour days. 10 hour days have there pros and cons. Pros are that I get 3 day long weekends. The days seems to go faster for some odd reason. Cons I have to work later. Getting the kids to and from things becomes harder. 10 hours sitting on my butt sucks period.

I am having a party for a friend.. I am hosting a Lia Sophia Party at my house tomorrow night. I went out and spent $150 on fun party supplies, food, drinks, etc. Really hoping my friends come and have a good time. I don't host to many events for multiple reasons. First I hate my small, old, crappy house and am embarrassed to have people over. Second I have to clean the place. I decided to have a nacho bar set up and use my new crock pot I got from my mother.

I figure I can put cheese in one, meat in one, and refried beans in one. I picked up a neat tub for iced beverages. Etc. Etc... I will update later with some pictures of my fun set up.

Tomorrow is the end of my first contest I am in. I have to weigh in first thing in the morning. Right now I am close. I needed to drop 1.14 % this week just to come even with current leader. She averages 0.70% so I figured I needed to drop 2%. WOW though 2% is tough. I have dropped the 1.14% it's that extra 0.70% that will be tough by tomorrow. I don't plan on working out tonight. I need to get girls from school, get to store for a couple more things. I need to sweep and mop the kitchen and see what I can do in the bathroom. If anything I will try to get my DVD workout in. Just need to control my diet and see what happens. I am currently down 2.4 pounds this week, so I can't say I didn't try. She had a great week last week or I would be winning this thing.

We will see what happens... stay tune...


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