Stupid rabbit trix are for kids.

My schedule is all out of whack with the kids on spring break. We don't have track practice for either girl, no swim lessons, no gymnastics. I am basically lost. There was even a day this week that my schedule work and home was completely blank. We haven't gotten to really go and do anything fun over spring break but thanks to some nicer days we were able to get outside some. It was 48 here in Michigan yesterday so after work I took my youngest Jasmine for a bike/walk 2 miles. She rode her bike and I walked. The trails still have some snow covered areas and it was a little windy but it felt good to get outside.

I have had a pretty challenging week emotionally. The scale hasn't been as friendly as I would like. I allowed myself to get so wrapped up in these diet contest I am in that I lost sight of the real goal; to become a healthier me. I am currently in the BL contest with Aaron at his office. I am currently leading in percent lost (weigh in today so we will see). We have 2 weigh in's left, today being one of them. The other one is my DietBet I joined. I need to lose 4% of my starting weight by April 15th. Currently I have 2.4 pounds to lose. Both contest seem like impossible to win - when you're gaining weight - like I did this week. Sadly out of frustration and depression I allowed myself to make things worse and well this poor bunny paid the price...

Last night I decided it was time to stop stressing out about stupid contest and regain focus. I met with my personal trainer after taking my 2 mile walk with Jasmine, 1 mile on the treadmill, and 2 miles on the stationary bike. I had a great strength training session. This morning I woke up ate my oatmeal and am ready to adjust my diet and start again. Here's to a new day!


  1. when I was taking my straightway walk I met a lady running and her son and daughter (8 & 10 I'm guessing) were following on their bikes it was cool! A great idea to encourage kids to exercise and time together is nice, plus no "no babysitter" excuses :)



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