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Spring Break

Burr... it's so cold here in Northern Michigan. My poor kids are on spring break and building snowmen.

According to MiKayla my 11 year old; "She is the only one not going away for Spring Break". We looked into going away again this year but after taking a closer look at the budget, decided it wasn't going to happen.  I tried to bring spring to the home at least by making up a fresh table centerpiece. 

I have been battling shin splints for the past couple of weeks. I have tried everything but resting them. My first 5K is scheduled for Memorial Day and I really want to beat my previous times. 

This should say 2012 Results. 

I am not sure why my time got worse in 2012. 44:41 is the time to beat though. Right now on the treadmill I am running a 5K in about 36 minutes without an incline. I really want to try to run outside and see where I come in at but right now it's just to darn cold. I ran 4 miles last night on the ole' treadmill though. I did pretty good but I am paying for it this morning. My legs are so sore. Maybe the outside cold would do my muscles some good.

A couple good things happened to me on the scale and a couple bad. I am currently in 2 weight lose contest. Aaron's office is doing a biggest loser and I am in the dietbet. After Friday's weigh in I am currently winning Aaron's office contest.
As for the dietbet I have a little ways to go as of Friday. 
Here is the problem; I overate on Easter and am having a hard time staying out of the kids Easter candy. Also, I believe Mother Nature is about to curse me again right before my final weigh ins. I am scale stressing which can't be good. Hopefully my run yesterday will help. I am also meeting with personal trainer on Thursday night and hoping that will help also. We will see what happens on Friday - wish me luck! 


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