Inch by Inch

Today is a good day... I noticed today that I beat my pre-Jasmine weight by a couple pounds. Heading down to pass my pre-Nicole weight now. Here I come 155 hope your ready for me, because I am sure ready to see you. 

For some additional motivation I found this old blog from last June with measurements and thought I would see how close I am since I am the same weight as I was then. 

Old Measurements 06/2012

Weight = 169
Chest = 39
Waist = 39.5
Butt/hips = 45
Upper Arm = 13.5
Neck = 13.5

New Measurements 03/2013 (taken a 3/28)

Weight = 169
Chest = 37 down 2 
Waist = 36 down 3.5
Butt/hips = 44.5 down 0.5
Upper Arm = 13 down 0.5
Neck = 13 down 0.5

The amazing thing is how I feel inside. I feel like I am healthier then ever before. I don't feel sexy yet but sure do feel empowered! 


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