Jasmine's Surgery

Every child does it; the "what" or "I didn't hear you". Back in November I started to notice that Jasmine was saying these things more often then normal or not even hearing us. After a couple months of this increasing frustration we decided that maybe it was time to get her ears checked. It had gotten so bad that we could be sitting at the table with her and she wouldn't hear us. Several doctor appointments later we find out that Jasmine really can't hear. She has fluid buildup and will need to have tubes put in to drain the fluid. Her doctor also suggested removing her adenoids while he was in since they are very large and could also be affecting her hearing. I was so nervous. I trust her doctor it's just the idea of my baby having surgery for anything scared me.

Here she is getting ready to go in. She was playing with the tv remote.

Here she is right afterwards. 

She did great and mom didn't need to worry about anything. After a long weekend of resting she is like her old self again. Here she is at the Easter Egg hunt this past weekend; just 3 days after surgery. 


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