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I think I can! I think I can!

First off let me start by saying I am sick of winter... It's cold and icy and I am so over it. The only thing nice about winter is that it is acceptable to run around in long pants and big sweaters.

Back in January I decided I need to become a runner. All the women I know who have lost weight either walk or run and most run. I went out and bought some running shoes, joined the gym and decided I needed to start training for a 5K as motivation. After several weeks of training I decided to see how well I could do on the treadmill. I was going to run 3.1 miles and see how long it takes me. I was still learning how to log things on my run keeper so it's listed as walking not running.

Last night I was feeling pretty good and decided it was time to try it again. Here are my results:
I didn't go the full 3.10 so it's not a perfect comparison but it's pretty darn good. That 0.10 of a mile is only maybe another minute if that. As you can see though my average pace has sped up and even if I add another minute to my run last night I have shaved 4+ minutes off in just a little over a month. 

In addition I want to note that this time and distance includes a 5 minute warm up walking before I start running. I am going to wait a couple weeks and try starting my time after my warm up and see what my true 5K treadmill time is. Even though the scale lately hasn't moved this to me is a sign that my overall health is improving and I am becoming more fit. I have not registered for the April 20th 5K yet but I think I might just to see. 


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