Frog Pee

It's been a long crazy busy weekend.. My life is an on the go circus always. With three children as unique as they come and all three super active we are always running. After a busy Friday and Saturday we decided to veg out Sunday. I vowed to do just that. After successfully doing that most of the day my Mother-in-law stopped by so I had to get dressed.

So Sunday night I notice that there is pee all over the toilet seat. Confused I ask around and find out that my Jasmine (6 years old) has decided that she likes to "Frog Pee". Okay new term for me also - but here is the definition for you.. Frog peeing is when you get naked, facing out, place your feet up on the either side of the toilet seat and pee. Oddly when doing this pee sprays everywhere... That girl..... or at least I think she's a girl. Some days she comes up with the oddest "boy" ideas.

That is how I spent my weekend..


  1. Hahaha Frog pee... Haven't heard that one in awhile!

  2. Ironically she has a thing for frogs too.... LOL



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