Birthday's and Weight Loss

How do you stick to your diet when you tempted with birthday treats? Today is my birthday and as tradition at work we had danish brought in.. I did it; I ate...

Small "BIG" Town

Holy Cow our town is falling apart. I live in a smaller town.. Population last year of 10,349, so were not talking hole-in-the-wall small just small.Today news headlines were:

Citizens Bank was broken into this morning at 10am.
All schools on lock-down due to robbery.
Water main breaks at junior high forcing students to drink bottled water and use high school's bathrooms.
Sketch has been released of man who attempted to abduct woman in TC.
Father convicted of sexually abusing and killing his daughter last year.

Really crazy stuff.. Normally our news is of silly stuff like... City council fighting over rights to a corn field or vacant lot. Or who won citizen of the year.

As parents we wanted to raise our children in a small town for multiple reasons:

  1. Slower pace of life.. a calm place to live. Where people walk to work, or shops. 
  2. Low cost of living.. housing is much cheaper in a small town then a high rise in the cities.
  3. Better schools.. (not always) but that is why we picked a good school district.
  4. A sense of security.. you don't have to lock your doors when you run to store down the road.
  5. Less traffic.. Here a 10 mile commute takes 10 minutes where in the cities a 10 mile commute could turn into an hour fast.
  6. Easy access to the great outdoors.. fresh, clean, wonderful air.. trees, birds, oh how about stars.. Can you lay in your yard in the city and see stars?
  7. A sense of community.. local shops close up early for the "big game". Run into someone you know anywhere you go. People helping people.. 
Is this "American Dream" becoming a thing of the past? When did we need to start worrying about letting our kids play outside alone? 

Frog Pee

It's been a long crazy busy weekend.. My life is an on the go circus always. With three children as unique as they come and all three super active we are always running. After a busy Friday and Saturday we decided to veg out Sunday. I vowed to do just that. After successfully doing that most of the day my Mother-in-law stopped by so I had to get dressed.

So Sunday night I notice that there is pee all over the toilet seat. Confused I ask around and find out that my Jasmine (6 years old) has decided that she likes to "Frog Pee". Okay new term for me also - but here is the definition for you.. Frog peeing is when you get naked, facing out, place your feet up on the either side of the toilet seat and pee. Oddly when doing this pee sprays everywhere... That girl..... or at least I think she's a girl. Some days she comes up with the oddest "boy" ideas.

That is how I spent my weekend..


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