Weigh In

Hello everyone,

I decided that I need to first weigh in and blog again and second switch my weigh in date. The reason for the switch is that I feel like Monday doesn't reflect my week's hard work honestly. I feel like I have weekend bloat and I don't want to feel that way anymore; so I am switching to Wednesday. 

With all that said; it is Wednesday!!! I had a very long night last night. When I woke up this morning I thought for sure I would have a gain since all I did yesterday was snack; but I was wrong. The scale read 177.9.. I am so excited!!! This means that I lost 3 pounds this week. 

It sucks that I am losing the gain I had a couple months ago, but something I have to do. 8 more to go before I am back to were I was in March when I went on vacation.  


  1. 3 pounds in one week is amazing! Good job-- snacks and all. :)

  2. Very good job I am super happy for you! You go girl!



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