Monday, Monday, Monday

Sadly it's Monday again. I had a nice weekend with the family but could really use a day in my house cleaning it - instead I will have to find time tonight to clean it. What I really need is a maid or a cleaning fairy to come while I am at work and do the dusting, mopping, and bathroom.

I started back on the diet and exercise two weeks ago and have done pretty good. But, I know here is the but... I am not happy with my weight lose. I am pleased that I lost 3 pounds last week but worried about this week. I have done fairly well but I am not seeing positive on my daily weigh in's. I know that over the weekend I ate some pretty high sodium foods and feel pretty bloated. Hoping that wont have any affect on my weight lose this week.

I have been doing my indoor cardio walking dvd's rather then walking outside. I have 6 dvd's; ranging from a 1 mile to a fast 5 mile. Last night while doing my workout my ankle started to bother me. It felt weak and sore. I am not sure what was going on with it, this morning it feels better. My ankle might be feeling better but now my knee on the opposite leg is bothering me. I feel old and broken. I think I might need to take tonight off and see how I feel tomorrow.


  1. Take the night off and relax a little. A three pound weighloss is great. And the blaot must be going around-- I'm feeling it too. I hope you have a great week! :)

  2. I think you are doing great! seems to be you say that to me every week lol when I want more and the fact is you are right, 3 lbs is awesome!

    ok you might need to get some ankle guards heck not sure what they are called but I think you know what I mean? if not call me :) you're knee you most likely and without knowing it, was taking on what the bad ankle leg was avoiding because of it's pain... I live with this all the time and when I forget (dah) I end up hurting bad...I feel for ya!

    Bloating from sodium is hard to fix, but drink water and green tea that's the fastest cure and avoid as much sodium as you can for a day or two...



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