Discouraged Weigh In

This weeks weigh in isn't anything to brag about. I stayed the same. Now if I was at goal already this would be great but being that I have a long way to go this is pretty discouraging.

Here is my condensed walking schedule this week:

Thursday 5 miles
Friday (rest)
Saturday 4 miles
Sunday 5 miles
Monday (injury off)
Tuesday 2.56 miles
Wednesday 3 miles

As for my diet I watched my carb intact and fat. Not sure if portions are still my problem, if it's not getting my breakfast in every day or what the deal is. I am so discouraged.


  1. Have you tried keeping track of your calories with My Daily Plate? That really helped me at first. Don't be discourage... You didn't gain. Keep on walking lady! :)

  2. well I do my protein shake (low calorie) for breakfast every day seems to help me. but the main thing is I read an article recently that said you need to break it up, either skip a days workout OR better trade off, do walking one day the next something different. Maybe you need to "fool" your body even if you walk and then the next day walk and add something like an abs workout the next?



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