Discouraged Weigh In

This weeks weigh in isn't anything to brag about. I stayed the same. Now if I was at goal already this would be great but being that I have a long way to go this is pretty discouraging.

Here is my condensed walking schedule this week:

Thursday 5 miles
Friday (rest)
Saturday 4 miles
Sunday 5 miles
Monday (injury off)
Tuesday 2.56 miles
Wednesday 3 miles

As for my diet I watched my carb intact and fat. Not sure if portions are still my problem, if it's not getting my breakfast in every day or what the deal is. I am so discouraged.

Flash Back

I was going through some pictures on my computer when I came across two very interesting pictures. The first is of me as a teenager. I was my thinnest those years.

The second photo I found was from our friends wedding a few years ago when I was my heaviest at 212 pounds. 

My face is so round and the turtleneck does not help. WOW - I am 35 pounds lighter but still have a long ways to go. 

Here I am in June at 181 pounds. 

Monday, Monday, Monday

Sadly it's Monday again. I had a nice weekend with the family but could really use a day in my house cleaning it - instead I will have to find time tonight to clean it. What I really need is a maid or a cleaning fairy to come while I am at work and do the dusting, mopping, and bathroom.

I started back on the diet and exercise two weeks ago and have done pretty good. But, I know here is the but... I am not happy with my weight lose. I am pleased that I lost 3 pounds last week but worried about this week. I have done fairly well but I am not seeing positive on my daily weigh in's. I know that over the weekend I ate some pretty high sodium foods and feel pretty bloated. Hoping that wont have any affect on my weight lose this week.

I have been doing my indoor cardio walking dvd's rather then walking outside. I have 6 dvd's; ranging from a 1 mile to a fast 5 mile. Last night while doing my workout my ankle started to bother me. It felt weak and sore. I am not sure what was going on with it, this morning it feels better. My ankle might be feeling better but now my knee on the opposite leg is bothering me. I feel old and broken. I think I might need to take tonight off and see how I feel tomorrow.

Weigh In

Hello everyone,

I decided that I need to first weigh in and blog again and second switch my weigh in date. The reason for the switch is that I feel like Monday doesn't reflect my week's hard work honestly. I feel like I have weekend bloat and I don't want to feel that way anymore; so I am switching to Wednesday. 

With all that said; it is Wednesday!!! I had a very long night last night. When I woke up this morning I thought for sure I would have a gain since all I did yesterday was snack; but I was wrong. The scale read 177.9.. I am so excited!!! This means that I lost 3 pounds this week. 

It sucks that I am losing the gain I had a couple months ago, but something I have to do. 8 more to go before I am back to were I was in March when I went on vacation.  

Lazy Day

It's my Friday so I am feeling pretty lazy. Not only is it my Friday but it's also day one of my period and that drains me mentally and physically. Work seemed to drag and drag and drag. It rained today so that didn't help. I decided not to walk tonight and use this as my day of rest but I hate that I didn't workout. I feel really lazy now. I had a good dinner but ate too much as always.

I have tomorrow off but need to run around and get a few things done. Saturday I am hosting my nieces 10th birthday party so I need to clean my house for that. I am also taking MiKayla to see Sugarland Sunday night so I need to get a good walk in tomorrow. Maybe then I wont feel as bad about unhealthy eating Saturday and Sunday night.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.. Night all...

Just a Blogger or Good Friend

Good Afternoon,

Today has been an okay day. I am on day number 4 of my starting fresh, starting over diet "life style change" if you buy into that. It's a diet - plain and simple. Monday was a good day; but the first day back always is. You are feeling talk, proud and confidant that this time - the diet is going to work. Tuesday is a little harder - still feeling good but tired, hungry, moody, and life is getting busy and excuses start... By Wednesday you are tired, moody, hungry, and deciding if your going to workout or not and if this diet is worth missing out on the good things your family is still eating. I walked Sunday night and Tuesday night. I walked Wednesday night. I decided back in January that I was going to drop weight by eating right and walking. I normally walk at a good 15-17 mph pace and I am happy with that. This woman I know and envy just posted today that she is going to do a half marathon in October - running....I would love to be a runner - it just isn't in me to run. The only way I am going to run is if something is chasing me. Remind me of this post later if I get in shape and start running. :) Speaking of running I follow this amazing woman Holly's blog. She posted a blog yesterday about the fear of being kidnapped while out running alone. I can so relate. Last night after a really long day at work and really just wanting to go home and crash not head out walking; I decided to walk after dinner. I wanted to try to push myself to walk 4 miles. So I laced up my sneakers and out I went. We have this path that is about 0.80 miles from my house. I normally walk to the path, down a ways and back home. It comes out to 2.5 if I don't get creative. I decided last night to walk to the path, turn left on the path and walk about 0.5 meet back at entrance and walk right my normal way and complete a "normal" walk. When I got back to the entrance I was at 2.67 on the GPS which didn't seem right but I went with it and though okay I need to get to 3.2 and see if I can reach 4 miles; so I walked the left side of the path again. When I got to the entrance it read 5.8 miles which clearly isn't right. By the time I got home last night it read something like 6.74 miles in like an 1.13 hours. I am bummed that my GPS went crazy last night because I really do not have an accurate account of what I did. I think it was 4.5 miles but it could really only be 4. I thought about Holly though during my walk because the path is really woody and shaded and there are times when you can't see anyone nor around the next corner. It is a beautiful path but a little freaky if your walking alone. Last night there was a man walking his dog - I passed him when I turned left onto the path and I saw him coming at me when I turned right onto the path. I looked up and saw him up ahead glanced away and when I looked up again he was gone. One of those moments like is he hiding in the bushes, am I losing my mind, is there another path off into the woods? Walking carefully up to where I saw him last, expecting to get kidnapped I see a path that leads to another road and he is walking on the road. By the end of my walk I thought about Holly's final words of her post "burned some calories, didn't get kidnapped." All in all a good workout. Glad I pushed through the mood and did the time.  I am thankful to have Holly. She is such an amazing woman and motivates me to want to push through my moods and keep on walkin'. She is more than just a blogger to me she is my good friend and we have coffee together every morning.


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