Easter is coming!

Sunday is Easter Day. My husbands family makes a huge meal filled with high fat, high sugar, high carb foods. How do you survive the holidays? The this is the toughest thing for me. There are so many wonderful things to eat. Unless I am cooking the whole meal; I have to pick and choose my items without offending people.

Two of my girls; Jasmine and Nicole.
This year for Easter my husband and I bought the girls new bikes. We plan on passing on the junk toys, and junk candy and shot for healthier things we can do as a family. What are your Easter plans?


  1. so are you going to Aarons familys house for Easter? either way are you going to go buy good stuff and make a VERY delish salad? you can add those little red/yellow/orange pepppers the not hot ones lol (not bells either) I love adding those it's a different taste... then you can add small yellow squash, grapes if I can't get the small ones I cut the bigger ones in half...some good nuts... many choices and those who don't like something can easily pull it out... it's never going to be easy but finding ways to make it not as bad is a great idea..riding bikes sounds awesome! I actually found one I could ride today so hopefully I can buy it with my tax money!



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