Weight-Loss Challenges

Expecting ups and downs is the perfect way to make them work for you, rather than against you. Here are a few of my weight-loss obstacles that have challenged me along my weight-loss journey. 

#1 Guilt - This one is my most common challenge and I have recently come face-to-face with it. Knowing you overindulged can be upsetting, but instead of punishing yourself, learn from the lesson. 

#2 Temptations - This is so hard for me. I have my weakness just like anyone else. I love salty foods when on my period. I can sit down and eat a whole bag of chips with cheese dip in one sitting. I love my carbs. I can't stay away from bread; garlic, cheese, buttered, herb. You name it bread I love. My mothers burritos. Love, love, love them. If you have favorite foods that are very high in calories, and you really love them, deciding you'll never eat them again is a recipe for disaster. Because then, when the temptation wins (and it probably will), you'll feel as though you've failed. The trick is to find ways to fit the food in without going off track. Look for low-fat versions, for example. Or allow yourself an occasional splurge. Plan accordingly knowing and understanding the pros and cons of eating this temptation.

#3 Unrealistic Goal Setting - Years past this has been a huge obstacle for me. I set these unrealistic goals and then allow them to depress me when I can't reach them. This time around I am shooting for small, realistic goals. Be patient with your body. Set realistic goals, then work hard to get to them. Remember, reaching your weight loss goal will feel just as great if it takes you longer to get there, and taking the time to establish healthy habits will help you stay at your weight goal for life. 

I set my first goal at 1 pound per week, not counting holiday weeks. This allows me to lose more one and gain or flat-line another. 

#4 Plateaus - Let's start off by first defining a plateau. "A point in an exercise program where additional progress cannot be made, such as weight loss or increase in strength or endurance. This usually happens 6 – 8 weeks into an exercise program. http://www.weightlossndiet.com/definition/plateau" The key words in this definition is cannot be madeUnderstand that it's totally okay to reach a plateau in your weight loss. The reasons could be your body's natural reaction, or it could mean you've loosened up on the good habits you've developed. Here are 5 ways to beat the plateau. 

  •  Kick up your fitness level.  Look for simple ways to get more activity in: Take the family (or the dog) for an afternoon walk. Park the car farther away, or get off the bus a stop or two away from your destination.  
  • Write it down - if it goes in your mouth, it goes on the paper. Track everything. Make sure not to forget those BLT's. 
  • Eat right - eat your fruits and veggies. Don't cheat yourself. Just because you think your eating right, doesn't mean you are. Take a good look at your diet. 
  • Spice things up - you know I like this one. Summer time is just around the corner, so add a little flavor to your BBQ.
  • Get busy and stay active -  Join an after-work volleyball league, attend art openings or just chase your kids around outside. The less you're in the kitchen, the less tempted you'll be to eat. Summer is coming so why not get out with the kids and kick around a ball. Put up a net and play some badminton. Plant a garden or work in the yard. 
Just be patient, and you will make your goal!


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