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12 weeks ago I set out to change my life starting with my body. My first mini goal was to lose 15 pounds by the time I left for vacation. As the weeks went by the weight came off; slower than I wanted and hoped but came off. The closer I got to my vacation though, the slower the weight loss. I began to lose motivation and found myself getting discouraged. Over the past couple days I really have allowed this discouragement to take over and all the excuses I have used for years started flooding out. It's too hot to workout. I don't have a fitness buddy. I am tired. One day off isn't going to hurt me. This has gone on now for 3 days and I need to get back into the mindset I started off with. What I need is some positive motivation to get me moving again. I was really worried about my weigh in this morning. First off I haven't given it my all the past couple of days. Second I ate a ton of salty jerky last night. Third I want to reach my first mini goal so bad that not would really suck. I am happy to report that I stepped on the scale this morning and...... I lost this week. 169.2 which is a total of 2 pounds even this week. Total of 15.4 pounds in 12 weeks and almost 43 pounds lost from my all time high weight.

Man that feels good. Let's set another goal and see if I can find my fitness MOJO again. This next one is a longer goal but close to the same amount of weight. My goal is to reach my Pre-Nicole weight by her 8th birthday. That means I need to reach 155 (we will say 154.6 to keep things even) by September 15, 2012.

I am going to start this goal off by joining a fitness challenge though fatsecret.com. It is a 12 week challenge that I hope helps get my butt moving.


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