Vacation is over and I am left with tired kids, dirty laundry, empty fridge, and thankfully only a pound of extra weight. The negative person inside me says that I have that one pound plus the 2 I didn't lose last week plus the 2 I need to lose this week - so 5 pounds to lose this week, but I am not going to be negative. I am though going to try to lose my 1 pound gain and at least another pound this weekend before Tuesday's weigh in.

Vacation was good. The girls had a wonderful time. Overall it was a great trip. It was hot though.We spent a day at Universal, a day at Sea World, two days in Daytona Beach, a day at Disney and a day and half relaxing in the hotel/poolside.

I am still debating the 5K in April. I allow fear to hold me back from doing something that I want to do. My fear is coming in last. This isn't a large race. Right now only 20 people are registered and I don't want to be in last place and not even last place but way, way in last place. The last 5K I did, I was towards the end of the pack and that was bad enough. Right now I see only runners registered. I wont be able to run it all; if at all. I have until April 11th to make up my mind.


  1. Well I personally think you looked great! Matter of fact you made me really consider getting back on my diet, not out of guilt or feeling bad but seeing the proof that hard work does pay off.

    As for the run, give it a lot of thought...besides the runners in it, how will you feel if you don't do it? Is there someone you know that would be willing to go with you and walk when you walk and just stay together with the goal to finish period.

    1. Thank you! I have a long way to go.

  2. yes but you're going... and that is to be proud of!



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