Long depressing night.

I am a fat cow who is out of control. I tried to get my head on straight tonight and couldn't. Came home and ate like I hadn't eatten in days. I attempted to do my 5 mile walk and was winded after 2 miles so I quit. I feel like it's day one of my workout except mentally my head is ready to give up. Dressed in my gym clothes I shouldn't weigh anymore than 174 but I am 175.6 so what the hell. I am so depressed. I need a good nights sleep and maybe tomorrow will be a new day.


  1. Have you been taking measurements? You look amazing in your photo from your 3 lb loss weigh in. I wonder if your not losing inches and gaining muscle. I do believe that muscle and fat weigh the same, but your possibly replacing the fat with muscle and that could stall your scale.

  2. I don't know if this will help or hurt BUT here goes, me being real honest... I got that horrible grade and I ate like a cow out of control myself...this hurts my diet and my health and as I was eating away I was thinking how bad it was....but yep I didn't stop...I feel like a loser in love and in school...wow not good. Am I better today? not completely but I'm looking at things in a different and better light and in part that was after I read your blog and realized you are doing bad at all and you are simply living life with it's ups and downs and yep lbs up and down...I'm sure you will gain control, and say goodbye to those lbs who have stayed too long!



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