Good but BAD

I had a wonderful weekend full of parties which made it an amazing weekend but that also means I had an opportunity to do bad on my diet. My baby girl turned 6 this weekend. She had a wonderful time. We rented out the theater for a private viewing of the Lorax. We ate popcorn. Drank "diet" pop. and... ate cupcakes.

After her party it was time to clean up the house and prepare for my first "Girls Night In". I planned to host with munchies, chocolates, and wine. I made up a meat, cheese and cracker tray. I also served some petit fours, chocolates, and cookies. After several cookies, two glasses of wine, and also a ton of crackers. Needless to say I ate a ton of junk that day. Pizza rolls, french fries, and tatar tots. I became a pig. Another bad habit I picked up was drinking diet soda. I have stayed away from all soda for a while now and very disappointed in myself.

So mother nature blessed me again. Like clock work I am cursed every month - so now I am very depressed in myself, bloated, and gaining weight. This morning I was up almost 2 pounds and fear my weigh in tomorrow. This maybe my first gain since I started on my mission 9 weeks ago. I was so depressed that I came home tonight and continued on my destructive ways. I ate 3 cookies, 1 pickle, 3 leftover petit fours, a turkey burger, and two string cheeses as dinner. I feel sick. I am in a funk. My workouts have been lacked this week. I have only worked out a couple times and small 2/3 mile walks rather then my normal 4/7 mile ones.

Really hoping I get luck tomorrow and can hold a flat line or a loss but don't see how it is possible. I am going to need to shake out of this funk I am out. 


  1. this is something that is normal life and you will need to accept it, and come up with a plan to undo what you have done. so you've had a bad week diet wise but not life wise, you had a party for your daughter and interacted and ate with friends there. you had a great night with gal friends and that is very special, so maybe take a look at what you can change in the snacks for next time? the petite fours are nice, but cookies? you don't need those or maybe a low cal cookie? chocolates are super nice, so kill the cookies totally. now meat, cheeses and crackers are great, maybe add some apples, grapes some veggies? but the bottom line is these are not an every week or every month event, so accept them, maybe plan ahead for a stricter diet afterwards or before the coming event(s) or both? the main thing is to remember you are living! you can lock yourself apart from all this and stick to the diet but is that living? I think you are doing wonderful and I'm sure the PMS deal is not helping (plus it adds wt that goes away with it) Pick yourself up, dust off, and move forward you can do this!



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