Feeling Good Today

We all have good days and bad days. For someone who is over weight we tend to have more bad then good. Every time we go shopping and things don't seem to fit. Every time we go out to eat and we see someone watching us (your sure that they are wondering how much that fat person is going to eat). Every time you get asked if your pregnant. Anytime you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or window. Lately the bad days have out weighed the good ones. I have been depressed over weight, acne, money, school, pto, and just plain life. I really need a positive boost to pick me up and get me back on track. I was lucky enough to get one. I stepped on the scale (unofficial) and I was down 2 pounds. That was enough to get me excited and kick my butt into high gear. I watched my portions all day and did an hour of cardio. Feeling pretty good. Less then 2 weeks until vacation. I am a little nervous about vacation and weight gain. Hoping that park walking, fresh fruit, and fresh air will be enough to keep the weight off.


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