Two years ago I did a 5k with my beautiful daughter MiKayla and our good friends. I was able to walk/run some of it but mainly walked. The weather was warm but raining. My feet felt like they weighed 100 pounds soaked with water.

I wanted so much to complete the 5K running the whole way, I just couldn't. I ended up finishing though and am determined to try again. I am debating on two different races or maybe even both. One is April 21st and the other is Memorial Day. If I do the one Memorial Day I will get to do it again with MiKayla. The debate is whether I do the April one and see how much I can improve my time by May or just let MiKayla have her race day to herself. Thoughts?

MiKayla finishing the race!


  1. I think it depends on if MiKayla would appreciate that this is something that you 2 do together or if she would rather you watch her. I know for Cassie, she would enjoy something that we both did every year that was for just the two of us. It would be neat to put together an album of the 2 of you and your race

    1. I don't know.. See I came in faster then she did. I think that may upset her again if it happens. I am leaning towards not doing it with her.



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