Weigh In

This mornings goal was to reach 174.6 or lighter. I stepped onto the scale hoping to see the 174.6 fearing 175.0 but wait for it...... 172.0 that is a 3 pound loss this week. I am so ecstatic. I am only 2 1/2 pounds from reaching my first mini goal of being below 170. I haven't been below 170 since my little brothers open house and I was at 168 pounds.

168 pounds, 2008
I was 162 the last time I saw my mother. Feels good knowing that I am only 10 pounds from that. The lowest weight I have been since having children was 154 pound and that was my weight right before I got pregnant with Nicole. I have 3 weeks until my vacation and I really want to clear the 170 mark by then. Here I go...

Running numbers are 12.4 total lost since the 1st of year and 40 lost since my largest recorded weight at the doctor.



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