Surviving The Super Bowl

The big game. We have Giants vs Patriots or Fat vs Healthy.. Who is going to win? I am so worried; you might even say I am stressing out over drinking and eating unneeded and unwanted calories. I took some time and research some healthy alternatives for the big game party.

Veggies: Were all dippers right? Okay I know I am. Traditionally I would dip all those veggies into a nice fatty sour cream ranch dip or straight ranch dressing. Switch it up and try mixing a dry ranch packet with some Greek plain yogurt instead. Can save you 100-120 calories.

Wings: Simple step - bake not fry.. Avoid the dip

Chip: Chips are my weakness; my kryptonite. Instead of picking up the lays and dipping them why not try pop chips or homemade baked tortilla chips.

Pizza: Yummy! It's all about changing little things and saving big calories. Instead of hand tossed crust try whole grain thin. Ask for them to go light on the cheese. Two simple steps can cut your calories by 50-70 percent.

Taco Bar: Taco bars are one of my favorite food options at parties. How do you save calories. Swap items; that's how. Try swapping ground beef with salmon, chicken or beans. Go with light cheddar cheese rather than regular. Whole grain tortillas rather than flour.

Go Nuts: try Wasabi peas instead of peanuts. They are lower in fat and sodium and higher in protein. Go with un-shelled, unsalted pistachios and almonds.

Chips, soda, candy, hot dogs, burgers, and beer. These items will be waiting for you at the next super bowl party you attend. There are 6 basic steps you can use to help you survive the big game party.

  1. Use a plate instead of grazing. Don't eat from the bag or graze around the table.

  2. Eat before you go. fill up on fruits and veggies, and lean meats.

  3. Opt for water. Don't drink your calories. Simply pass on the beer and soda.

  4. Eat pretzels instead of chips

  5. Don't completely restrict yourself. You will create this huge desire.

  6. Use the force. Just use it.

With a little will power we will all avoid those extra calories and still fill full and satisfied. Plus guilt free.


  1. Try these potato pizzas: I think I'd slice the potato even thinner so that you could eat more. :)



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