Is it wrong to reward yourself for losing weight? What are exceptable rewards for weight lose? How much do you have to lose to reward yourself?

I have read up on this topic and found several fun rewards. But for me I need visual rewards. Something I can look at and I say "thanks that's my 10 pound reward." Here are some of those fun rewards I found:

  • 10 toes of success. Get a pedicure and paint your toes bright as a reminder that one you lose 10 pounds - a pound a toe and two you can see your feet. :)

  • A new bra - anyone who has lost weight can can - those girls need lifting and adjusting. So why not buy a new bra. Spoil yourself and look on the regular shelves not clearance.
  • Do something scary. This not only would be a great reward for myself but also mark off an item on my 30 in 30's bucket list. Zipline. Scares me to death.

As you can see I need some more ideas. I am coming up on a 10 pound loss (since Jan. 1st) and I really want to do something. Because our vacation is coming up. I am thinking a new hair cut and color. What do you think? I have my big goals and rewards. New outfit,  new swimsuit, and boots. This may sound silly but I want to be able to wear boots. I have such big legs that boots have never been an option. I have also always wanted to get a small tatoo or my belly button pierced but now that I am over 30 not sure that is proper. How about sexy things. Like sex with the lights on. Okay maybe not, but a bikini wax would be nice. I have always been ashamed of how nasty my legs looks. I am thinking that at 120 pounds I shouldn't feel that way anymore.

With 50 more pounds to lose do I reward myself along the way?


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