Panormous Confession

I have a confession.. Last night was rough and I did not do myself any favors. I picked up a Panormous Pizza last night for dinner.

Pizza and chips are my two weaknesses. So what did I do when I saw it on the table - I ate it. 1 slice down the hatch and it tasted so good, I thought why not one more and then I will stop. Now there are 2 pieces sitting in my gut. An hour passes and I get up from my studies and walk into the kitchen where you guessed it the pizza was still sitting out and I picked up a 3rd slice and ate it. Before the kids went to bed I picked up another slice and took a couple bites before I said stop it and go workout. 

I got off the couch, put in my dvd and walked 2 miles. Not the 7 miles I did the night before but it was something. I didn't even want to know the damage this morning so I avoided the scale all together. Hoping to work off everything before Tuesday. I lack willpower. Why do I do these things to myself?


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