Long Night

Is it bad that I am not getting my workout in tonight? I am so tired, my kids are wired and not going to bed, and I think I am getting sick. So do any of these excuses work? I normally don't miss my workout but maybe missing this one will shake up my weight loss.

One reason I love the internet, it allows you to find articles supporting anything you need it to. I found one that says that you should take a day to rest. Give yourself at least one full day off from any kind of official exercise routines. A day off from working out is a great way to not only allow some well-deserved rest for your body, but also to help you relax mentally and emotionally. Even though working out is mostly a physical activity, your mind and emotions are involved too, and pushing yourself too hard can actually have some adverse effects in the form of feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or burned out. It went on to say that on your day off, you can still engage in physical activities, but try to keep them unofficial – activities like window shopping, playing with the kids in the backyard or taking a relaxing stroll on the beach are great ways to relax, recharge and restore your physical and mental energy.

I really need some motivation, r&r, and a little push.

Love this sign. I need it.. okay maybe that's part of my problem.


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