Girls Night Out

I have decided that I need a girls night. The guys in our lives go, go, go and we sit home. The only time I leave the house really is to either take a child shopping, attend a PTO event or some other child school related activity. Don't get me wrong I love being part of the PTO and feeling that I have a say in what happens. But, mommy needs time away also. So I sent out a text to all my close friends saying let's do it. Don't ask permission, just plan. That is what we are going to do. We need this. Now we just need a fun name for our girls night. I think once a month will work and we will plan, try, and do different fun things each time. Drink a little wine, eat a few chocolates, and gossip until we run out of things to talk about. I can't wait. I think the first one will be on March 3rd at my house. I have a ton planned that day but I think really it's the best day for most so I will make it work. I can't wait!


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