The dressing room.

Our family vacation is only 4 weeks away so I have started working on gathering some spring/summer clothes for everyone to wear in sunny Florida. Today I dared to venture into the store and into the dressing room. I started off at JCPennies. I found myself between departments mentally and physically. I love the styles found in the juniors department but most things found in there do not fit me. I am short so I need "short" pants and those can typically be found in a couple different departments. Also I am wide so I need plus size but don't like the styles found there. I am also a business woman so I like some items found in the womens department. I started walking around from department here and there trying to fix and match and put a few things together in my arms. I did it, I put together three really cute outfits now it was time to hit the dressing room. This is normally my least favorite part of shopping. I step into the small room in the back. I lay out my treasures and hang up my purse. I can feel the stess and anxiety whelling up inside as I undress. I put the shirt on first; and it fits infact it's a little big. I put on the flannel and it fits perfect. I head next to the pants. First the capri's. Now I had picked up two different pairs. One from the juniors and one from womens. Neither one really fit right. I had picked up two pairs of jeans. First my normal size 16's. They fit comfortable and look okay but a little long. There is no way I will fit the other pair they are a size 14 short. I step one leg in and then the next. The legs feel a little tight but not too bad. Length is perfect. I button them... wait I can button them. I zip them. Can this be? I fit into a size 14. What a feeling. I been in a 14 since my little brother graduation which was on goodness almost 4 summers ago. I had really been working hard on losing weight and was about the same weight as I am today. School got in the way and I put on the freshmen 15 a couple times.

XL top, 14 bottoms @ 175 pounds
 So here is what I looked like. I know not the best photo but it's a photo. I stood there for a couple minutes debating do I buy or don't I buy. After sending a text to my not much help husband I decided I coule buy the flannel. I would look for a size smaller in the top and I would pass on the jeans. I didn't want to pass on them since they were a size smaller but I really don't need jeans right now, I need capri's. I figured also that I have 4 more weeks and maybe another 3-4 pounds would make them feel even better. I headed back out (personal assistant had the day off so I had to get dressed again so that I could find smaller sizes and come back in and get undressed again) to find a smaller top. I love the color and it works perfectly. I headed back to the plus size where I found the top before and guess what 1X is the smallest size they have. I CAN NOT FIT PLUS SIZE ANYMORE!!!! I checked out juniors they had one close to this same color in an XL and in the womens department they had another one close to this same one in an XL. So I picked up those ones plus a L just incase. Headed back into the dressing because I was feeling pretty good I thought I would try the L on first. Fits but not the right look. A little tight in the chest. I tried on the Juniors XL and no way - it hugs all the wrong places. I tried on the XL women's top and it looked the best.

It was a long trip and had some emotional ups and downs but in the end I got two tops and a braclets. I also left the store knowing that even though I am still in an XL that Plus is too big and I can fit a 14 again. Overall I would say it was a good trip. I am still in need of a couple pairs of capri's and a couple more tops but that will have to wait for another day - and maybe 3-4 more pounds down.


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