Dirty Little Trick

My morning started out pretty interesting. I stepped on the scale; as I always do and it said that I had lost 10 pounds since yesterday. Now everyone knows that's not possible so I stepped on it again, and same reading. Now I am starting to think that maybe it's right, but it can't be so I step on it again this time I move it just a little bit thinking that maybe it's unbalanced. You guessed it, same thing. Okay now this can't be. I decided to move it to the other side of the room and this time I was only down a half pound. Now this makes more sense. I have to tell you though - I loved the way the scale looked. I can't wait to see that number for real. Saddly after today, it wont be anytime soon.

We decided to take the girls to the show. We took them to see Journey 2 in 3D. It was pretty good. Not sure it was $70 good but good. I ate tub butter popcorn and a drank a diet coke. I also ate a handful of candy m&m's. I am hoping that my smart diet the day before and the rest of today made up for it.

After the show and my junk food snacking I was feeling pretty guilty and discussing so I popped my dvd in and did 4 miles. Felt pretty good but still feeling like I didn't do enough. I am going to try to get up early (I know this is what I said yesterday) to get an extra workout in. Until tomorrow; have a great night.


  1. My scale did that once. Turned out the battery was dying. Was kind of nice to see either way



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