Weigh In

This mornings goal was to reach 174.6 or lighter. I stepped onto the scale hoping to see the 174.6 fearing 175.0 but wait for it...... 172.0 that is a 3 pound loss this week. I am so ecstatic. I am only 2 1/2 pounds from reaching my first mini goal of being below 170. I haven't been below 170 since my little brothers open house and I was at 168 pounds.
168 pounds, 2008
I was 162 the last time I saw my mother. Feels good knowing that I am only 10 pounds from that. The lowest weight I have been since having children was 154 pound and that was my weight right before I got pregnant with Nicole. I have 3 weeks until my vacation and I really want to clear the 170 mark by then. Here I go...

Running numbers are 12.4 total lost since the 1st of year and 40 lost since my largest recorded weight at the doctor.

Night before

I have weigh in, in the morning. This past week the scale has been amazing but not today. I am pretty worried about it. I did good today food wise, and I got my workout in so I really hope that will be enough. The goal number is 174.6 cross your fingers and toes.

The dressing room.

Our family vacation is only 4 weeks away so I have started working on gathering some spring/summer clothes for everyone to wear in sunny Florida. Today I dared to venture into the store and into the dressing room. I started off at JCPennies. I found myself between departments mentally and physically. I love the styles found in the juniors department but most things found in there do not fit me. I am short so I need "short" pants and those can typically be found in a couple different departments. Also I am wide so I need plus size but don't like the styles found there. I am also a business woman so I like some items found in the womens department. I started walking around from department here and there trying to fix and match and put a few things together in my arms. I did it, I put together three really cute outfits now it was time to hit the dressing room. This is normally my least favorite part of shopping. I step into the small room in the back. I lay out my treasures and hang up my purse. I can feel the stess and anxiety whelling up inside as I undress. I put the shirt on first; and it fits infact it's a little big. I put on the flannel and it fits perfect. I head next to the pants. First the capri's. Now I had picked up two different pairs. One from the juniors and one from womens. Neither one really fit right. I had picked up two pairs of jeans. First my normal size 16's. They fit comfortable and look okay but a little long. There is no way I will fit the other pair they are a size 14 short. I step one leg in and then the next. The legs feel a little tight but not too bad. Length is perfect. I button them... wait I can button them. I zip them. Can this be? I fit into a size 14. What a feeling. I been in a 14 since my little brother graduation which was on goodness almost 4 summers ago. I had really been working hard on losing weight and was about the same weight as I am today. School got in the way and I put on the freshmen 15 a couple times.

XL top, 14 bottoms @ 175 pounds
 So here is what I looked like. I know not the best photo but it's a photo. I stood there for a couple minutes debating do I buy or don't I buy. After sending a text to my not much help husband I decided I coule buy the flannel. I would look for a size smaller in the top and I would pass on the jeans. I didn't want to pass on them since they were a size smaller but I really don't need jeans right now, I need capri's. I figured also that I have 4 more weeks and maybe another 3-4 pounds would make them feel even better. I headed back out (personal assistant had the day off so I had to get dressed again so that I could find smaller sizes and come back in and get undressed again) to find a smaller top. I love the color and it works perfectly. I headed back to the plus size where I found the top before and guess what 1X is the smallest size they have. I CAN NOT FIT PLUS SIZE ANYMORE!!!! I checked out juniors they had one close to this same color in an XL and in the womens department they had another one close to this same one in an XL. So I picked up those ones plus a L just incase. Headed back into the dressing because I was feeling pretty good I thought I would try the L on first. Fits but not the right look. A little tight in the chest. I tried on the Juniors XL and no way - it hugs all the wrong places. I tried on the XL women's top and it looked the best.

It was a long trip and had some emotional ups and downs but in the end I got two tops and a braclets. I also left the store knowing that even though I am still in an XL that Plus is too big and I can fit a 14 again. Overall I would say it was a good trip. I am still in need of a couple pairs of capri's and a couple more tops but that will have to wait for another day - and maybe 3-4 more pounds down.

The scale

If I were a superhero then the scale would be my arch-nemesis. We decided that since the scale started acting up we would move it from the uneven part of floor to a stable part. After doing this it became real friendly. Today during my unofficial weigh in I showed a 2 1/2 pound loss. I really hope that it's for real and that it's from all my hard work not just uneven flooring. We will find out come Tuesday.

Girls Night Out

I have decided that I need a girls night. The guys in our lives go, go, go and we sit home. The only time I leave the house really is to either take a child shopping, attend a PTO event or some other child school related activity. Don't get me wrong I love being part of the PTO and feeling that I have a say in what happens. But, mommy needs time away also. So I sent out a text to all my close friends saying let's do it. Don't ask permission, just plan. That is what we are going to do. We need this. Now we just need a fun name for our girls night. I think once a month will work and we will plan, try, and do different fun things each time. Drink a little wine, eat a few chocolates, and gossip until we run out of things to talk about. I can't wait. I think the first one will be on March 3rd at my house. I have a ton planned that day but I think really it's the best day for most so I will make it work. I can't wait!

Long Night

Is it bad that I am not getting my workout in tonight? I am so tired, my kids are wired and not going to bed, and I think I am getting sick. So do any of these excuses work? I normally don't miss my workout but maybe missing this one will shake up my weight loss.

One reason I love the internet, it allows you to find articles supporting anything you need it to. I found one that says that you should take a day to rest. Give yourself at least one full day off from any kind of official exercise routines. A day off from working out is a great way to not only allow some well-deserved rest for your body, but also to help you relax mentally and emotionally. Even though working out is mostly a physical activity, your mind and emotions are involved too, and pushing yourself too hard can actually have some adverse effects in the form of feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or burned out. It went on to say that on your day off, you can still engage in physical activities, but try to keep them unofficial – activities like window shopping, playing with the kids in the backyard or taking a relaxing stroll on the beach are great ways to relax, recharge and restore your physical and mental energy.

I really need some motivation, r&r, and a little push.

Love this sign. I need it.. okay maybe that's part of my problem.

Weigh In

This sucks... as you can guess I didn't reach goal today. I knew going into the week that it was going to be a bad weigh in. At one point this weekend I was up almost a pound. When I stepped on the scale this morning I thought for sure I would still be up a pound, but was hoping for a scale miracle. What do you think happened? I flat lined and stayed even at 175.0.
I am trying to stay positive. Just really hard when a weigh in goes this way.

Feeling sorry for myself..

Spent the day running around the house cleaning anything and everything I could find to clean. I can still smell the pinesol and mop n' glow. As soon as I finished, Jasmine managed to spill fruit juice on the floor so guess what sticky again. So happy!!

Our wonderful friends from out of town stopped over to say hi. They are such wonderful people, but I can't help to get jealous of her and how great she looks. She has two kids; a 4 year old and a 7 month old yet she looks amazing. I had a chance to talk to her and found out that she is juicing for breakfast and snack. Eating Lean Cruisine for lunch and dinner. She is also working out twice a day. She is in the army and has a weigh in coming up and has been struggling to drop her last little bit of weight before then. I undertstand our lifestyles are different as well as our environements, but still doesn't seem fair. Why is it that she has time to workout? Why is it that her body is happy with this type of diet and responding to it? I find myself cheating still and I know that is part of my problem. I guess you can say I am still allowing myself to use stupid excuses and feel sorry for myself. Still just doesn't seem fair. I workout EVERY night at least 45 mins. some nights closer to 55 minutes. Do I need to increase my workout? I am not tracking my meals like I should, so maybe that's what's wrong. I just don't know what to do. You would think after 7 weeks on this "diet" I would feel better about it and myself but after tonight I am not so sure. I feel the same or worse then ever before. I am worried about Tuesday's weigh in. The scale hasn't been nice this week and I just know it will show a gain this week. I have 5 weeks until our trip and still 5 1/2 pounds from goal weight. I am ready to lose those pounds plus set my next goal weight. I guess you could say that I am pretty depressed tonight and should go to bed. I am going to take my pills, wash my face, and hope for some positive motivation to find me in the am.  


Saturday should be used for relaxing, cuddling, movie watching, and sleeping in. Not my Saturday, no no. It is used for house cleaning, grocery shopping, and power walking. Feeling pretty good. I got a good 5 mile cardio walk in. I felt like I needed a good workout to work off the 6 cups of popcorn I ate. That's right 500 calories of popcorn. I feel like I need to walk another 5 miles though.

Today's menu is as follows:
- Sausage, egg burrito for breakfast
- Venison Burger for lunch (not too good)
- Popcorn as snack
- Lean Cuisine for dinner

Tomorrows plan is to sleep in.. Ha Ha - mother of three that isn't going to happen.

Butt Belly

That's right I said it; I have a butt belly. I have lost some belly fat and have been left with this freaky looking belly. I look like I have two butt cheeks with the folded wrinkly looking crack in the middle. It is so nasty, I need to do something with it. 

I started looking at some exercises to tighten up that skin if at all possible. Below are some examples I found that claim to tighten up mid-section in no time! The goal is to try to do at least 15 – 20 repetitions of each exercise listed below.
  • Leg up straight arm crunch -- This exercise will help tone your upper abs and can be performed using a dumbbell to make it more challenging. Lie flat on your back with your legs up at a 90 degree angle from the floor. With your arms straight (hold a dumbbell if you desire), curl your shoulders and upper back off the floor using your abs while pulling your arms up towards the ceiling. Hold for a second; then slowly lower your shoulders and back down toward the floor. Keep your arms straight and legs up during the entire exercise.

  • Air Bike -- The air bike is performed lying on your back as well. Place your hands behind your head with your elbows bent and your knees pulled slightly toward you. Using your abs, curl your shoulders up off the floor and pull your right elbow to your left knee until they are touching (or almost touching). Then alternate by pulling your left elbow to you right knee. Continue alternating right to left until you’ve reached the desired number of repetitions.

  • Side Bridge -- The side bridge will strengthen and tone your obliques. The exercise is performed lying on your side. Resting your weight on your elbow and forearm, raise your mid-section until your torso and legs form a straight line (sloped upward). Simply holding this position will help tone your abs; hold the position as long as you can.

  • Lying Leg Raises -- Lying leg raises will help you tone and tighten skin around your lower abdominal muscles. Lie flat on your back with your legs straight and up in the air (90 degrees from the floor). Keeping your legs as straight as possible, slowly lower them out in front of you until they are almost touching the floor; then lift them back up to your starting position and repeat.

  • Pelvic Thrusts -- Pelvic thrusts will also help tone up your lower abs. As with leg raises, lie on your back with your legs up in the air (90 degrees from the floor). While keeping your legs up, slowly lift your pelvis off the floor and upward using your lower abdominal muscles; then lower yourself back down to the floor and repeat.

Weigh In

So True, So True! 

It is weigh in day. Good bad or other wise; I had to do it. I woke up this morning feeling pretty bad about my diet yesterday and lack of workout. The scale during the week had me getting pretty excited.. Last week I was 2 pounds from reaching my first 10 pounds since changing my lifestyle and 38 pounds from all time high weight. I saw this personal goal this week a couple times and have been hoping and praying that this morning I would see it again and get to report that I did it.. Sadly I do not get to do that. I stepped on the scale this morning and what did I see 175.6. I tried everything to drop another 1/2 pound. I went to the bathroom. I washed my face. I laid on the floor and did some crunches. After all was said and done the best I could do was 175.0. So that is what I am recording for this week. That is 1.6 pounds lost this week, and I am excited about that. Stay tuned next week to hear my announcement; because it WILL happen. 

All the other guys...

I have purchased them all.. 6 week body makeover, Weight WatchersSouth Beach, YOU DietGrapefruit Diet, Herbalife and the list goes on and on.  I have bought weights, bikes, belts, dvd's, wii games, steps, gym clothes, and athletic shoes. Why is it that none of this worked before? The fact is they did. I lost a pound here, a pound there. What happened during the holidays, or when on vacation? I gained weight and lost my motivation and in turn gained my weight back. Once you stop following the diet, stop taking the pills, stop drinking the shakes you gain weight.

This time I plan on doing it my way the best way with healthy food and hard work. Weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise but also being mentally ready to lose weight. You can drink the miracle shake but if your not ready to lose weight, you will gain it back. I know now, that I am ready to lose weight and keep it off.

Tomorrow is an important day; it is weigh in day. I am really hoping to reach my first goal of 10 pounds gone. If not this week it WILL be next. My first goal weigh is 174.4 As I said before this is also 38 pounds down from all time high. This is a Nikki. I have almost lost a Nikki. Okay I know she is a small person but added to my thighs, back, tummy, hips, and heart that is a lot of weight gone. On my way to losing a Jasmine, and will end with a Kayla. I love you girls but tired of seeing you on my thighs, hips, and butt.

It is hard to mentally get ready to lose weight. Here are a couple weight loss tips I have found:
  • Tip #1 - Set Goals -- Setting goals is an important step for the achievement of success in any area of your life. If you want to lose weight sit down and write out out your fitness goals. Do you want to lose 5 pounds? Do you want to exercise more regularly? Do you want to eat a healthier diet? Having written goals makes it 10 times more likely that you will achieve your goal.
  • Tip #2 - Prioritize Your Time -- Okay so you don't have time? I am here to say you do. Do I really need to list everything I do and yet I still find time. Consider writing in exercise as an appointment in your calendar. In addition, plan out your shopping list and meals in advance. Come up with ways to better use your time and commit the necessary time to improving your health.
  • Tip #3 - Don't Go For the Quick Fix -- Patience is a virtue, but it is almost always lacking when it comes to weight loss programs. There are 2 main problems with seeking the quick fix. First, the tendency to want something for nothing leaves people disappointed and de-motivated. There is no way around putting in the work. Something for nothing does not exist! The second problem with seeking the quick fix is that it often addressed the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. Go slow and steady because consistency is really important.
  • Tip #4 - Think About Changing Your Lifestyle --Healthy Eating and Exercising Regularly are like taking a bath. You only experience the benefits if you continually do it on a regular basis. So many people say that diets don't work because when people go off the diet they gain weight back. But, the word diet actually means "way of life" not restriction. Everyone is always on a diet, it's just that every one's way of life is different.
  • Tip #5 - Commit to Your Routine -- Once you have goals, you must commit to your eating and exercise routine. Your level of commitment will determine your results. If you just kinda commit, then you'll likely have low results. However, if you fully commit to your routine and put your all into it, your results will likely be much better.
  • Tip #6 - Keep a Workout and Food Journal -- Keeping track of your progress and activities is a great way to keep you moving in the direction of your goals. We all think we exercise more than we actually do, and we all think we eat less than we actually eat. A workout journal and food journal will help to give you a less biased opinion about your activities. The better you can determine how your plan is going the easier it is to modify it to reach your goals. This is hard for me but I use fatsecret.com to track everything. Great site!
  • Tip #7 - Forget About Moderation Strive for Excellence -- Everything in moderation except moderation. I understand the statement "Everything in Moderation", but the problem is that everyone has a different definition of moderation. For some people drinking alcohol in moderation is 1 drink a week, and for others it's 4 or 5 drinks 3-4 times a week.

    If you want to be successful in anything you have to strive for excellence in that endeavor, and do your best all the time. If a habit is bad for your health, then you should likely always avoid it. Here's an analogy. Would you ever tell a child, "lying and stealing is okay but only moderation"-- of course not. So why do we talk ourselves into doing things that we know are not right by using well it's okay if I do bad stuff only in moderation.

    Now, I know that no one is perfect, I am not, but striving for excellence is all about truly doing your best to make the best decisions all the time. You and your body deserve the best.

    How you think determines what you do. And what you do determines how you feel. So set goals, prioritize your time, commit to long-term success, and strive for excellence. We are going to do this. If we want it we will get it.

Dirty Little Trick

My morning started out pretty interesting. I stepped on the scale; as I always do and it said that I had lost 10 pounds since yesterday. Now everyone knows that's not possible so I stepped on it again, and same reading. Now I am starting to think that maybe it's right, but it can't be so I step on it again this time I move it just a little bit thinking that maybe it's unbalanced. You guessed it, same thing. Okay now this can't be. I decided to move it to the other side of the room and this time I was only down a half pound. Now this makes more sense. I have to tell you though - I loved the way the scale looked. I can't wait to see that number for real. Saddly after today, it wont be anytime soon.

We decided to take the girls to the show. We took them to see Journey 2 in 3D. It was pretty good. Not sure it was $70 good but good. I ate tub butter popcorn and a drank a diet coke. I also ate a handful of candy m&m's. I am hoping that my smart diet the day before and the rest of today made up for it.

After the show and my junk food snacking I was feeling pretty guilty and discussing so I popped my dvd in and did 4 miles. Felt pretty good but still feeling like I didn't do enough. I am going to try to get up early (I know this is what I said yesterday) to get an extra workout in. Until tomorrow; have a great night.

New Hair Style

Mom is last no more. I did something I never do; I went and got my hair done. It was expensive and I felt and continue to feel quilty. Okay this isn't the best shot of me or my hair cut. As you can see though curls bounced back and bright new highlights. Prettier in person. I also took an updated fitness picture that actually looks worse than the one I took 5 weeks ago. I think it's the tighter clothes but because I am being honest to myself I am going to blog my updated photo. I have nothing to be embarrest about, just something to want to fight to change.

176 pounds (ok I know can see through my shirt :) )


Is it wrong to reward yourself for losing weight? What are exceptable rewards for weight lose? How much do you have to lose to reward yourself?

I have read up on this topic and found several fun rewards. But for me I need visual rewards. Something I can look at and I say "thanks that's my 10 pound reward." Here are some of those fun rewards I found:
  • 10 toes of success. Get a pedicure and paint your toes bright as a reminder that one you lose 10 pounds - a pound a toe and two you can see your feet. :)

  • A new bra - anyone who has lost weight can can - those girls need lifting and adjusting. So why not buy a new bra. Spoil yourself and look on the regular shelves not clearance.
  • Do something scary. This not only would be a great reward for myself but also mark off an item on my 30 in 30's bucket list. Zipline. Scares me to death.

As you can see I need some more ideas. I am coming up on a 10 pound loss (since Jan. 1st) and I really want to do something. Because our vacation is coming up. I am thinking a new hair cut and color. What do you think? I have my big goals and rewards. New outfit,  new swimsuit, and boots. This may sound silly but I want to be able to wear boots. I have such big legs that boots have never been an option. I have also always wanted to get a small tatoo or my belly button pierced but now that I am over 30 not sure that is proper. How about sexy things. Like sex with the lights on. Okay maybe not, but a bikini wax would be nice. I have always been ashamed of how nasty my legs looks. I am thinking that at 120 pounds I shouldn't feel that way anymore.

With 50 more pounds to lose do I reward myself along the way?


Just did a great 4 out of 5 mile cardio/walk and feeling pretty good.

Okay I lie. My feet hurt, my arms are sore, and my legs are like jello. But at the end of the day I got off the couch and worked out for me. My way, my terms, my results.

Panormous Confession

I have a confession.. Last night was rough and I did not do myself any favors. I picked up a Panormous Pizza last night for dinner.

Pizza and chips are my two weaknesses. So what did I do when I saw it on the table - I ate it. 1 slice down the hatch and it tasted so good, I thought why not one more and then I will stop. Now there are 2 pieces sitting in my gut. An hour passes and I get up from my studies and walk into the kitchen where you guessed it the pizza was still sitting out and I picked up a 3rd slice and ate it. Before the kids went to bed I picked up another slice and took a couple bites before I said stop it and go workout. 

I got off the couch, put in my dvd and walked 2 miles. Not the 7 miles I did the night before but it was something. I didn't even want to know the damage this morning so I avoided the scale all together. Hoping to work off everything before Tuesday. I lack willpower. Why do I do these things to myself?

Pumpkin Brownie Muffins

Made the best muffins ever. Pumpkin, brownie mix, and mini chocolate chips. No eggs, no oil, no added water... 3 Simple ingredients.

15 oz Libby's pumpkin
1 box fat free brownie mix
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Mix brownie mix and pumpkin together. Fold in mini chocolate chips. Bake in mini muffin pan at 350 for 18 mins. 67 calories each and only 2 WW PP points.

Weather-or-Not Workout

Weight Watchers posted this great article called Weather-or-Not Workout and I loved the article but think it's missing a few key points. So here is my version.

There are three major weather types that prevent us from going outside to workout; heat, rain, snow. No matter the forecast working at home is the same, but with a couple possible outdoor twist.

If you usually walk…
  • do an indoor walking DVD. Choose the mileage—from 1- to 5-mile routines—and set your own pace. Their are dozens of options available. I currently have 5 videos, all of which are from the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home collection.
  • go mall walking. Walk, window shop, or lap it before the shops open up. Many malls open early so you can do laps before shoppers arrive. You may even find that some malls have groups that gather to walk before shops open up. I refer to them at "Mall Walkers". If your mall doesn't have a group, look into forming one.
  • strap on snowshoes and head to a trail or golf course or even your backyard. I have heard snowshoeing is easy enough to learn but an amazing workout. It gets your heart rate up so you won’t mind the cold, and exploring the great outdoors can boost your mood.

If you usually run…

  • try water running. Why not jump in a pool and run laps in the shallow end or use a flotation vest or belt to log miles in the deep end. Added toning benefit: Water provides 800 times more resistance than running on land.
  • take an indoor cycling class. Indoor cycling can give you an equally intense lower body workout, says Shea, co-author of Run Like a Mother. The non-impact workout will also give your joints a break, and a competitive class setting might motivate you to push yourself harder. Try taking a spinning class. I have always wanted to try one.
  • do intervals on a treadmill. Alternate short bouts—30 to 60 seconds—of fast or uphill running with slightly shorter recovery intervals at a slower pace and no incline.My husband is currently doing the Couch-to-5K program and is loving it.

If you usually ride a bike…

  • get a trainer. Not a person; the metal kind of trainer that easily transforms an outdoor bike into a stationary cycle. Basic models start at about $100. To really simulate an outdoor ride, set up a fan to blow on you and pop in a Virtual Active DVD ($19.95 or $7.95 to download, vafitness.com). The stunning footage of some of North America’s most scenic roads will inspire you.
  • lift weights. Cycling is a lower-body workout, and many cyclists don’t train their arms, shoulders, chest, and back as often as they should. Rainy days are a perfect opportunity to mix up your routine. Grab a set of dumbbells and do some upper body moves such as front and side arm raises, curls, and kickbacks.

If you usually take a boot camp class...

  • pop in a boot camp DVD. You can find a variety at collagevideo.com, including 10 Minute Solution: Ultimate Bootcamp, featuring Smith. Each “boot camp” is only 10 minutes, so if you’re short on time or just tired, you can do just one or two of the five routines.
  • create a home version and recruit trainees. Mimic the moves from your regular class and use exercise equipment, chairs, and steps in your home to create stations. Then invite a classmate, your spouse, or kids to join you.

If you usually play tennis…

  • have a virtual match. Whether you have Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii, you can practice your backhand and serve right in your family room. Invite your tennis partner over to join you for more fun.

If you usually swim…

  • do Pilates. It, too, is a total-body toning workout and it gives you a similar elongating feeling. Search online to find a variety of DVDs, such as Element: Total Body Pilates, which is shot poolside.

If you usually play golf…

  • do yoga. The poses build strength and flexibility especially in your abs, back, and hips—key muscles used to swing a golf club. Practice it regularly and you could improve your game.

If you usually lift weights at the gym…

  • shovel snow. Bend your knees like you’re squatting as you scoop up snow. Combined with lifting and throwing, you can get a total body workout while you clear your sidewalk.

If you usually go to exercise classes…

  • turn on Exercise TV. Available on demand or online, you can choose from up to 150 free workouts, including yoga, Pilates, and routines from Freytag, creator of the 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme System.

If you usually take Zumba…

  • just dance. Crank up your favorite tunes and groove around the house. I am a 90's gal, so for me I put in a few oldies but goodies like some Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It or some Quad City DJ's C'mon N Ride It (the train), and you can't forget some B-52's Love Shack.


Weigh In

Burritos, Chips, Cheese, Salsa, Football!!!!

I ate, and ate, and ate.. so how did my weigh in go; well wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but wasn't as good as I need it to be. This morning I weighed in at 176.6 which is only a 0.4 lose. I feel like a broken record but I am going to say it again, and again until I believe it - at least I didn't gain. Now we only have 5 1/2 weeks until vacation and I really wanted to be down to 169 by than. I made up a batch of some 1 point soup and plan on really sticking to the diet and exercise this week. Shooting for 2 pounds this week. Not only will 2 pounds give me a boost but it will also make 10 pounds down since the first of the year and 37 pounds down from all time high weight. I only have one rough week ahead of me, and that is finals week. If I can make it through that week we might be okay.

I made up a pot of something we will call Taco Chili. I took the following ingredients and slow cooked for 6 hours.

1 green pepper
1 onion
2 small Zucchinis
2 cups squash
1 can corn
1 can black beans
1 can diced tomatoes with chilies
1 pack of Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix
1 pack taco seasoning

I haven't tried it yet but Jasmine ate a huge bowl last night and loved it. I brought some for lunch today. Hoping it taste good or I will be one hungry woman by the end of the day.

Resting my poor feet!

I cardio walked my feet off tonight. I am really stressing my weigh in tomorrow. I ate a ton over the weekend, now just trying to work it off. I did 1 1/2 hours or 7 miles tonight. My feet are sore but man does it feel good. Hoping the scale treats me good tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Bouncing Back

Hi I'm Melody and I am a Binge Eater. What is a girl like me suppose to do when the weekend, party, vacation, holiday has gone terribly bad, and you have eaten everything in sight? Bounce back of course. What is the best way to bounce back after a couple diet mishaps? Here is a simple 5 step plan to regain control of your diet.

  1. Hydrate - Beer and salty foods will leave your body dehydrated. The first thing you should do when you wake up is drink at least 8 ounces of water to get your body flowing. Keep hydrated and aim to get at least 64 ounces of water throughout the day. You will feel much better and less bloated if you make sure to keep hydrated.
  2. Eat - Sounds counter-intuitive, right? But starving yourself the day after a long night of eating will only set yourself up for a binge. Eat a refreshing breakfast of fruit, especially bananas as they are rich in potassium. If you can manage to eat a larger meal, try to eat something with eggs. Eggs help flush toxins out of your body.
  3. Move - While you may be dead tired, drag yourself out of bed and do something active. Yoga, a light jog, it does not matter, just get moving. Once your heart starts to pump and you sweat out those nasty toxins, you will feel lighter and more energized.
  4. Sleep - Go to bed an hour earlier until you're feeling like yourself again. Getting enough sleep is a necessity for good health, not a luxury.
  5. Relax - Take a warm bath. Get a message. Treat yourself to a facial. Read for pleasure before bed.
It’s easy to beat yourself up for falling off the diet-wagon. But, instead of feeling guilty, be proactive! Feeling sorry for yourself won’t erase the calories so why torture yourself. Focus on the positive and get moving…

Surviving The Super Bowl

The big game. We have Giants vs Patriots or Fat vs Healthy.. Who is going to win? I am so worried; you might even say I am stressing out over drinking and eating unneeded and unwanted calories. I took some time and research some healthy alternatives for the big game party.

Veggies: Were all dippers right? Okay I know I am. Traditionally I would dip all those veggies into a nice fatty sour cream ranch dip or straight ranch dressing. Switch it up and try mixing a dry ranch packet with some Greek plain yogurt instead. Can save you 100-120 calories.

Wings: Simple step - bake not fry.. Avoid the dip

Chip: Chips are my weakness; my kryptonite. Instead of picking up the lays and dipping them why not try pop chips or homemade baked tortilla chips.

Pizza: Yummy! It's all about changing little things and saving big calories. Instead of hand tossed crust try whole grain thin. Ask for them to go light on the cheese. Two simple steps can cut your calories by 50-70 percent.

Taco Bar: Taco bars are one of my favorite food options at parties. How do you save calories. Swap items; that's how. Try swapping ground beef with salmon, chicken or beans. Go with light cheddar cheese rather than regular. Whole grain tortillas rather than flour.

Go Nuts: try Wasabi peas instead of peanuts. They are lower in fat and sodium and higher in protein. Go with un-shelled, unsalted pistachios and almonds.

Chips, soda, candy, hot dogs, burgers, and beer. These items will be waiting for you at the next super bowl party you attend. There are 6 basic steps you can use to help you survive the big game party.

  1. Use a plate instead of grazing. Don't eat from the bag or graze around the table.

  2. Eat before you go. fill up on fruits and veggies, and lean meats.

  3. Opt for water. Don't drink your calories. Simply pass on the beer and soda.

  4. Eat pretzels instead of chips

  5. Don't completely restrict yourself. You will create this huge desire.

  6. Use the force. Just use it.

With a little will power we will all avoid those extra calories and still fill full and satisfied. Plus guilt free.

Motivation Please

I have found every excuse possible this week to half ass my workouts or not do them at all.. I need some motivation. So I went and dug some up. This is me taken summer of 2009. I was my heaviest this summer and felt huge - partly because I was (am).

So what do I need to do.. get off the couch and start working off this fat. It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and workout. Put down the junk and get moving.

Okay that might be enough of a pep talk to get me going.

(update: I did it. I got up and did a 2 mile cardio workout.)

Joys of Womanhood

Womanhood; can't change the fact that I am a woman and thankfully every month like clockwork my monthly visit comes leaving behind a path of emotional and physical destruction. I woke up this morning feeling "pregnant". That tired, bloated, sick tummy and plugged head feeling. I knew right away my dear aunt flow was going to be paying me a visit real soon. Stepped on the scale this morning and sure enough +2.4 pounds.. Yikes!!!! With a shopping trip planned this weekend, why? I am not going to want to try on new jeans feeling this way. There has to be something I can do to get some relief?

Good ole' Google to the rescue. I searched for menstrual bloat relief and came across several sites all showing the same answers; so here they are:

  1. Reduce your salt intake. When trying to lose weight we tend to switch to can soup and low calorie prepackaged foods that are high in sodium. Read your labels.

  2. Flush, Flush, Flush - your system that is. Drink your water.

  3. Watch what you eat. Avoid gassy foods like beans and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Some dairy foods can cause gas as well.

  4. Get moving. Even a small 10 minute walk can help. Exercise helps gas pass through the digestive track.

These all seem like normal commonsense ideas for combating PMS bloat. Most of which I am already doing; so why do I still feel this way? I decided to dig a little deeper. I across a home remedy that might be worth a shot; peppermint capsules like CharcoCaps. Before popping pills I think I will try some peppermint tea and see if that helps.


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