Weigh In

It's Tuesday and that means weigh in day. So this week presented some challenges.

Wednesday night I met with the PTO gals to discuss some up coming events and like always we met at the Shay which is this great little coffee shop that has the best Cherry Lemonade. I did pretty good the rest of the week but come the weekend, it all went down hill. As I previously posted Saturday was crazy busy but had an opportunity to hang out with a good friend and enjoy some amazing pizza from their families restaurant. But as well all know good food normally comes with high calories and a ton of regret. So how did I do you ask? I weighed in this morning at 177.0. This is great news.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and found out that I have a bacteria infection in my arms which is great fun. But, what I learned from the nurse was super exciting and wonderful news. I have lost (according to their scale) 32 pounds since my all time high. This was amazing news. I had forgotten about being over 200 - and not only was I over 200 I was 212 pounds. I do not want to remember that girl, but if I must then I would like to introduce her to you as well. She is wearing 18W jeans and a 2X top. She is a big girl with a beautiful family.


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