Weigh In

It's Tuesday and that means I weigh in today. I lost but not enough to get excited. I weighed in at 178.4 which means I only lost 0.6 pounds. I am suppose to be happy that I lost, but can't be. I busted my butt this week. I feel frustrated that I workout 6 days a week, drink my water and am not dropping 1-2 pounds a week. I only have 8 weeks until our vacation and still 9 pounds that I wanted to lose. The only place that I can make a change would be my eating habits. So I am really going to try to watch my calorie intake this week and see what happens. Wednesday (tomorrow) night is my last night for my online class so I am going to try to double my Wednesday night workout starting next week - while the girls are at church. Maybe that will help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Are you eating salad? I'd eat a salad or some raw veggies before your regular lunch & dinner. Or switch to a zero point soup for lunch or dinner.

    1. Right now I am eating walnuts for mid day snack, soup for lunch with crackers, chicken for dinner with steamed veggies, and an evening snack before workout like string cheese.



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