Scale Slave

I am tied to my scale. Every morning regardless of any other factors, my morning routine involves stepping on the scale to see what I weigh. There’s nothing wrong with knowing how much you weigh, right? In my head I am thinking, “How could you not weigh yourself? How could you live without knowing what you weigh?”

It seems only natural – you gain weight, the scale increases and of course you lose weight, the scale decreases. The scale determines my mood. I am depressed when the numbers stay the same (which isn't very often). I let the scale make me angry, tired, depressed, moody, and distressed when the numbers go up. Why is it we feel the need to step on scale?

Weighing ourselves on a daily basis may seem like a good idea, after all, we would be able to see any weight increase immediately and aim to take action to lose it again. Another advantage of daily weighing is that while trying to lose weight, we can regularly check our weight loss and be able to make sure that we are making progress or taking action if we are not.The down side of weighing ourselves daily is that it can be mentally frustrating. How many of us weigh ourselves one day only to find that the next day we have gained one or two pounds? Our weight can fluctuate on a daily basis due to many factors.It is actually our personal choice as to how often we weigh ourselves, however we should be aware of the fact that we may jeopardise our weight loss if we focus too intently on the scale. We can be in danger of disregarding other signs of progress such as inch loss and muscle building, particularly if we are following an exercise regime which is toning our body and building lean muscle mass.


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