Oprah Article - Why Women Let Themselves Go

Why is it that we as woman as mothers put ourselves last. This evening I found myself stressing about school work, kids homework, housework, and yes even real work. So again why is it we can find time for everyone and everything but ourselves. I came across this article I want to share with you.


What caught my eye was when I read "we put ourselves last on the list, and often have very little left". This is so true. How often do you get your hair done? Do you take a walk without any kids, or feeling rushed to get back home? Or when was the last time you took time to vent and reflect with your husband or girl friends about "you" and how you feel and what "you" need. That is hard to say out loud; "I need". I challenge myself and you to take time for yourself and most importantly say out loud; "I need time for myself, and I need you to want me to." Read this article and find your strength to stop letting yourself go.


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