Met in the middle...

I had one of those crazy busy weekends. It was a run, run, run - now stop and catch your breath so you can run again. So Saturday we had volleyball in the early am followed up AWANA race; all before noon. Aaron took Nicole to volleyball and I got the other girls ready for the AWANA race. It was so exciting to watch. The girls had a good time; well most of the time. MiKayla took 1st in the turtle division. She wasn't happy being the slowest racer. After the race we headed shopping and then to a birthday party at our local YMCA. Because I am so unhappy with the way I look I choice not to swim and sit on the sidelines watching everyone else have a good time. This is what I do though. I worry so much about what others will think and say that I don't enjoy life and miss out on things with my family. Saturday even we drove an hour up north to see some good friends. They have 3 boys the same age as our kids so the girls love visiting with them. We did pizza for dinner and chips and rice crispy treats and bread sticks and pop.. All weaknesses of mine; but happy to say that the pizza didn't win, nor did I we met in the middle. I ate one slice of this amazing buffalo chicken pizza, and a half slice of steak pizza. Both were amazing and the old me would have eaten the whole pizza. I had a small glass of diet coke. I said no to the rice crispy treat. Where I failed was the chips and bread sticks. I gave in and ate 15 chips. They tasted so good. I also ate 1 whole bread stick covered in yummy cheese. Overall I don't think I did too bad, but didn't do very well either. After a great night visiting we made it home around midnight. Sunday was a lazy day. Okay it wasn't lazy just maybe slower. I got the fridge cleaned out and re-stocked. I got the laundry all done up. I caught up on a show or two. I got my workout in. It felt good getting it in, since I had missed it Saturday. Overall it was a good weekend. I am not focusing on the scale for my final weigh in for Aaron's work biggest loser. Hoping to see 3 pounds down this week, but after last week will be happy with 1 pound.


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