Feeling Good

Whenever I start I new "diet" I get new gear but this time - I have found some wonderful gear. I have purchased 3 new DVD's. Walk Away the Pounds - 3 mile, Walk Slim - 4 mile, and Walk at Home the 5 mile. Each one a little different than the other. The 3 mile DVD uses free hand weights. The 4 mile DVD uses a firm bands. The 5 mile video doesn't have any additional strength training. Even through the 5 mile DVD is the longest; it is the easiest one. I am feeling good. I completed the 5 mile tonight and feel stronger than ever. I really hope to see the pounds melt off soon.

I have set a small goal for myself. I want to get to the build up enough endurance to walk around the lake this spring in an hour or less. That is 7 miles. I have another set of walking DVD's I want to buy. It is the 21 day plan.

Working out makes me feel good about myself. I really hope all this pays off in the end.


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