The big word "Discouraged"

Have you ever tried losing weight alongside your husband, boyfriend, brother or any male for that fact? If so you've probably experienced a little frustration when you compared your weight-loss rates. The fact is we are different. Men and women tackle problems differently. Men tend to be linear thinkers and more businesslike in their approach to weight loss, while women are multi-taskers who become more emotionally involved in weight loss. The way you mentally approach weight loss can make a difference.

  • Stay positive; it’s not a loss cause. Women do lose weight and they do keep it off. Don't use the slower pace as an excuse to not try.
  • Know that weight-loss strategies (plans) do work. Some women tend to throw up their hands, believing that nothing works, but that’s not true. We have a lot of good diet plans that actually do work to lose weight. What works for some may not work for you. Find what works for you and stick with it.
  • Start believing that you can do it. Believe in yourself and stay focused. Even if you get bored or frustrated because you don't think your plan is working, stick with it. Set goals for yourself and stay focused on those goals.
  • Understand your challenges and limitations. Know yourself. Each person is different. Where you struggle when you try to lose weight? Do you eat when you’re sad or frustrated, or stop working out when you don't have a workout buddy to encourage you? Set yourself up for success by preparing for those roadblocks and figuring out in advance how you will overcome them.

Reward yourself mentally for every success you have. It’s not about how weight they have lost; it’s about how much weight you have. Dropping only ONE pound per week (or less) may seem dreadfully slow, but even if you get a HALF a pound a week fat loss, that’s still progress. Celebrate it. Keep that up over time, and you will reach your goal. Persistence pays.

No one can lose weight without diet, exercise and sacrifice. Make the effort to learn about the healthiest and most efficient ways to lose weight, and then enjoy your own success. Weight loss isn't about winning a race; it's about crossing the finish line at your own pace.


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