30 things while in my 30's

So I was reading slim Kate's blog. I follow her blog daily and love her. So she recently blogged about 30 things she wants to get done in her 30's. I loved this idea so much that I am stealing the idea, but because I am already 4 months behind I will not plan on doing anything unrealistic. So here it goes....

  1. Go roller skating with my kids

  2. Have family photo's done (They turned out beautiful in May 2012)

  3. Run a 5K (Memorial Day 2013)

  4. Walk around the lake (7 miles) (Summer 2013)

  5. Run a race of any sort in every state

  6. Go Ziplining

  7. Wear shorts in public (all summer walking the lake 2013)

  8. Buy something sexy to wear

  9. Get a body massage

  10. Build a 90 day emergency savings fund

  11. Volunteer More

  12. Start a retirement plan

  13. Take a class or lesson

  14. Go Skiing

  15. Get my passport

  16. Purchase a new home

  17. Send a message in a bottle

  18. Go hiking

  19. Make something new out of something old

  20. Watch the sunrise and set in the same day from the same location

  21. Read 1 book every month for a year.

  22. Start recycling

  23. Pay off my car

  24. Go on a woman's retreat

  25. Attend the canoe trip with friends

  26. Take my kids on an airplane (Took kids to Disney World in April 2012)

  27. Graduate from college (Done June 8th, 2012)

  28. Plant a garden (Summer 2013 with sister)

  29. Lose all my child gained weight

  30. Complete this list


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