Far From Picture Perfect

Summer is here and is quickly attempting to speed right through to fall. I forgot to find my summer body during this past winter so now I am working in fast pace in hopes to find it before summer events get into full swing. I have come to the realization that I will not find the perfect body I had hoped to find. I am however hoping to find something that makes me feel better about how I look in a swimsuit at least.

As of right now we have 3 picture taking events I am preparing for.

  • First up we have our girls fun color run July 28th. Several months ago I signed my 3 girls, my boy friend Ed's adult daughter Rachel and myself up for the ColorRun 5K. I figured one, it would give me motivation to get my butt moving and drop some weight and two it would be a fun bonding experience for me and the girls. Little did I know it would not provide me with enough motivation to get my butt off the couch and get moving. Now here we are, 7 weeks until the big race day and I have done nothing to prepare myself for it. I am about 25 pounds heavier then I was the last time I ran a 5K. 25 pounds makes a huge difference. We all know that dropping 25 pounds in 6.5-7 weeks is not impossible but it really is not realist for someone like me who has been yo-yo'ing for 2 years. I am however going to shoot for 15 pounds in that time frame. 

Since we found that the race was not enough motivation let's talk about the next item up this summer.

  • Friends annual float the river trip. This item is not only coming up and something that Ed really badly wants to do; it is also one of my 30 while 30 items. The big day is Aug. 4th. Those of you not looking at your calendars that is one week after the run which means I have a little less than 8 weeks to be ready for swimwear weekend. Again I would like to be 25-30 pounds less than I am now but that extra week really isn't going to give me enough time to do that. Just like the first item I will shoot for 15 pounds. I am hoping to pass this goal up though and make it closer to 20. 
Okay, so we are running a race, we are going with some of "his" skinny friends down the river.. what else do I need to get me summer motivated? How about one more item.. 
  • Let's do blended family pictures. Why not?! How about Aug. 11th.. Sure.. So ya that is 9 weeks away. Again this was my idea and it was my way of motivating myself to lose weight. For those of you keeping track at home; I still don't have enough time to drop the 25-30 pounds I want to lose but I feel like I should be able to drop 20 is this time frame. 
So now we have 3 events that all on there own should motivate me to drop weight but if they can't alone they should combined. Plus, if I need another motivator how about the fact that my oldest will be graduating in 2019 and with graduation means plenty of opportunities for photos and I don't want to look back at those pictures and hate the way I look. But, senior year is a whole other posting on another day... Stay tune to read how the summer of motivation is going and find out if I be picture perfect in time. 

The Great SOLO Debate

One of the most recent debates among trail runners is: "Is it smart of safe to run or hike alone?" 

Woman have evolved a great in the past 50 years. We are not the meek do as we are told women we once were. We can wear what we want. Eat when we want. Go out and do as we please. So, why is it that society frowns at us if we want to run or hike alone especially in wooded areas? 

Just like anything we do, hiking alone involves a calculated risk--we assess the facts and take a chance. Most likely, a solo hike results in a sensory experience and a great memory. Then there are the risks: a bad fall, a debilitating injury, a sexual assault, an animal attack, a wrong turn. They're risks some female hikers don't deem worthy of the solo experience.

But for some women, the benefits of a solo hike far outweigh the risks. Nature is the ideal setting to work through life's issues because it enhances self-awareness, self-confidence, and trust.

I can see both sides of this debate. I love hiking alone. It is my "me" time. But, I also very much enjoy hiking with my partner or friends. It is a great way to bond. Those who sweat together stay together! And I'm horribly unmotivated by myself.

The question remains: "is it smart" or "should a woman hike alone," but of "what precautions should a woman take should she choose to hike alone?" As we all know common sense goes a long way in the woods. Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. Making sure to let someone knows your itinerary is a great way to help your loved ones locate you should something happen. Equip yourself with a cell phone and an extra battery pack or a satellite phone, keeping in mind there's often weaker cell service on the trail. Bring extra food, water, and layers to stay hydrated and warm in the event of an accident if hiking long distances. Stay alert and trust your instincts. I believe in packing pepper spray and taking a few basic self-defense courses and wilderness-first-aid courses before you go hiking solo, and to make noise while hiking so you don't startle a bear. Most important, trust your gut--then make your decision and go.

Accountability is my biggest obstacle

Today is going to be the start of consistent "Weekly Weigh-in" posts in an effort to stay more accountable and provide support to others who are needing it! So without further adieu...


My-Oh-My really?! I can't believe I allowed myself to gain back so much weight.  I guess I can't beat myself up, or blame anyone but myself for this. The only thing I can do is pick myself up and getting moving. 

My life is slowly moving into a new normal routine. I have the girls every other week. I have moved in with a wonderful man and we are attempting to make a new normal for everyone. 

Overcoming my excuses has always been an obstacle for myself. One of my most recent excuse is that it's hard to form a fitness routine around every other week having the kids and their busy lives. But, like I have said in the past it is only an excuse and there are no excuses that should prevent me from losing weight. 

It is time for me to be accountable and overcome this huge obstacle in my life. Accountability is so tough especially when it seems so easy to pass blame onto any number of excuses in our lives.  

I love to eat. I love to bake. I love Fish Fry Friday. I love the comfort of curling up with a bag of chips and a good movie.  What I do not love is how out of shape I feel. How gross I feel when I look in the mirror or touch my body. I miss how sexy I felt 30 pounds lighter. I want the amazing feels back.

I guess I better walk my way back..  I woke up a little early this morning. Did a 2  mile WATP dvd. My FitBit says I only 1.36 miles but I did something. At lunch today I headed over to the lake and did a short 1.69 mile walk. I hope to get another 2 mile WATP dvd in tonight before bed. Baby steps but steps. 

Crock Pot Cheeseburgers

This is one of the messiest, ugliest but oh so good yummy delicious thing I have ever made.

For anyone who loves McDonald Cheeseburgers but can't eat the calories or you just want to know what you are eating. Here is my version of it. We aren't talking the lowest in calories, only saying it is lower in calories then the real deal.


  • 1 1/2 lb lean ground beef (96/4 recommended)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Garlic Salt 
  • 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper
  • 2 Tablespoons Skim Milk
  • 1 C. Chopped Onion
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic
  • 1 Tablespoon Prepared Mustard
  • 1 Tablespoon Dill Relish
  • 8 oz. Velveeta Light Cheese (chopped into bite sizes)


  1. Brown ground beef in skillet and strain if needed. 
  2. Spray Crock Pot with cooking spray and line bottom with cooked ground beef. 
  3. Add garlic salt, black pepper and skim milk
  4. Add onion and garlic 
  5. Add relish and velveeta cheese
  6. Mix
  7. Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours or on low until cheese melts. 
Serve on a bun or sandwich thin. Top with fixings of your liking but don't forget to add those calories to total. 

10 (1/3 C.) servings at prox. 181 calories per serving plus bun/fixings calories

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How I plan to calorie count my way back to my goal weight.

In this post, I'm going to layout my CICO plan. First off that's define CICO. CICO stands for calories in vs. calories out. Basic idea is that you burn more then you eat. This method worked for me before and I am hoping it will work for me again. Now as we all know everybody is different, and what works for me may not work for others; and what works for others may not work for me. I am not here to tell anyone how to do things, because I don't know you! I think it's important that each person finds what works for themselves. 

I want to start by saying that I don't have any set of "rules" that I follow. By taking away rules, I feel much less pressure. I'm not following a particular "program" or anyone else's guidelines. I typically just make stuff up as I go along, and learn from my mistakes.

We have all heard it before; "You must count calories to lose weight." Track everything you eat and all the calories you burn and if you have a deficit you did good for the day. I am currently using two apps. One for food tracking and one for fitness tracking. Both are synced up together and both offer tools I enjoy having and rely on. I started using the My Fitness Pal (MFP) app years ago and really enjoy it. The first thing I like about it is that it has a built in barcode scanner which is nice for recording food. The other feature I like about it is that I can access the calories for most if not all restaurants or fast food locations right from my phone before I eat the item and regret it later. The other app I enjoy using is my Fitbit Dashboard App. This tool is great for tracking my daily activity. It has the ability to track my sleeping patterns also but I just can't sleep with a watch on and am afraid to know how little I actually sleep. 

So you probably want to know how many calories I plan on eating a day? Here is where that science comes in. I believe that if you take Your Resting Metabolic Rate or  RMR  and subtract your consumption calories you will get your basic daily calories. Hopefully that number will reflect that you have a calorie deficiency. Now science says that it takes 3500 calories burnt to equal one pound of burned fat. My plan is to losing 2 pounds a week so I need to have a 7000 calorie deficiency at the end of the week. Here is my basic math:

RMR = 1708 Calories per day
Calories In = 1200 Calories per day
------------ 508 calorie deficit 

The goal is to be at 1000 each day so that I can reach the 7000 by the end of the week. This math then is telling me I need to burn (calories out) an additional 492 calories each day in some form of fitness. 

There are a lot of fitness articles that will tell you that you should eat your fitness calories or calories out as I call them. I do not believe in this. I believe that you need to make sure you consume or that your calories in are good calories that will keep your body fueled. But, I also believe that if you are hungry then you need to eat more. 

Now the fat girl that I am says that you need to have a high calorie day.. aka cheat day. I don't like to call it a cheat day.. I look at it more as a be reasonable and smart but don't stress the calories out. An example of this would be.. eat your normal healthy breakfast, healthy normal snacks, reasonable and normal lunch or dinner. Allow yourself to splurg on one of those two though. If you eat pizza have three small slices. Don't stress the 1100 calories when your normal dinner is 500 calories. That also means thought that you shouldn't eat the whole large. It's all about finding balance.  

I don't want to and don't plan on tracking all the macro nutrients like carbs, protein, sugar etc.. I want to keep things simple. This should help me from stressing and getting overwhelmed. My apps both track those things and there if I want to see them but really as long as my body feels fueled it will tell me if I need something else or less of something. The one thing I have found out is that there are more calories in fruits and veggies then I would like. I do plan however to track them even though I strongly feel they should be free.. By not tracking them I am only cheating myself. My Fitness Pal has an awesome recipe tracker on the app! When I'm cooking, I can literally just scan the barcode of ingredients and build the recipe right there on the app. Then it's saved for the next time I make the recipe, too. You can even import recipes from websites and swap out ingredients if you change things up. It's a really great tool!

I think that pretty much sums it up! I can't stress enough that it really helps to experiment to find what works for YOU. Try making your own rules and change them around until they fit for YOU. I think the approach I'm taking is very similar to intuitive eating--I'm eating what I want, I'm listening to my hunger cues, I'm not following any "rules"--only I happen to log my food and track the calories, so I can keep myself from getting out of hand.

I also want to make it clear that I am not trying to tell anyone at all how they should or shouldn't eat.  As I always say, find what works for you--something you can do for the long haul--and do that.  I'm not a doctor or scientist or nutritionist, or anything like that. I am just trying to keep it simple and something I can do for the long haul. 

Running from the bogeyman.

I wanna take you way way way back to 2013.. okay not really all that long ago but who doesn't like a dramatic opener to set the mood?!

It was the summer of 2013. I had just started out running around one of our local lakes. The lake path is almost a full 7 mile paved run. Beautiful run with only a couple distractions and obstacles along the way.  I liked to start in the same spot and knew the ins and out of the path pretty well. I knew where I could sit a minute and take a breath. I knew where I go stop and get a drink. I knew where I could pull out a wedgie without anyone noticing. I also knew where all the spooky and maybe a little creepy spots were. I loved this path. I jogged it every day.

Ever since I was a little girl watching Silence of the Lambs I have been fascinated with true crime shows and books. I don't know what it is about them; I guess I get lost in the thought that these sick people do some many horrible, unthinkable things to people and get away with it. Heck I can't pee alone in my house without someone finding me; but that's another blog another day.

This one particle day in June I was reading about this serial killer who was killing joggers and some how there bodies were missing for days, even months. Let's just say not a good read when you run alone either early in the morning or late into the evening. See I live in a "safe" town. Nothing happens here.. I mean nothing.. so nothing like this would ever happen here... right?!

Just like all serious runners I had all the latest gear. I had Nike run trackers. I had HR monitors. I carried my cell phone with running gps apps. You name it; I owned it. That evening I decided to go out on my daily jog. I started off with a good pace from my normal spot. It would be 2 miles before I would see anyone I knew. I stopped (big pet peeve of mine but what are you suppose to do) to visit for a couple minutes then continued on my way. At around mile marker 4 I started to think about the story I read that morning. I started thinking about my beautiful 7 mile run and what dangerous spots we have along the path. At mile marker 2 there is a 1/2 mile stretch of a beautiful shaded path. Very private and well now thinking maybe dangerous. Then at mile marker 5 the path runs along state forest land. Thick woods on one side and quiet street on the other.

I got to thinking this area is coming up and it would be the perfect place to grab someone. You guessed it.. fear set in. I got to thinking about how I would solve my own murder. By now my feet are really moving.. along with my heart rate. I think about the people I stopped to visit with. They would tell police that they saw me at approximately such in such time. I thought if abductor took me and I still had my shoes on - they would find my body because I had my Nike trackers on and clearly someone would think to check my last gps point; right? I turn my music up louder hoping to drown out my thoughts with some "single ladies" and the thumping of my heart beat. I make my way to mile marker 6 and think to myself - I am safe. I made it. I can slow down now.. I take a deep breath and can feel my heart rate slowing back down to normal. Then... tap tap tap.. out of nowhere a friend catches up with me and taps me on the shoulder. I don't think I have ever screamed so loud in my whole life. I am sure I scared off any future bogeymen at the same time breaking my personal best run time.

Moral of the story either run with a partner or do not read crime stories before an evening run in the woods.

Need To Reboot

I am 3 days into my week 1 new me, life style change.. aka diet restart. I am pretty sure this is my millionth time starting over. Now that the slowest winter appears to be behind us; it's time to reboot and once again find my inner thin (thinner) me.

With shorts and tank-top weather right around the corner, choices made during cold-weather months are starting to come to light. Were you "good" this winter? Did you stay consistent in your training? Was your diet on track?

I didn't think so.
Look, we're only human. We're fallible, and we burn out. It's not normal for us to find joy in eating out of containers and gagging down chicken all the time. Our training routine gets boring, and one day missed at the gym due to a scheduling conflict suddenly becomes one month missed. Let's say it.. sometimes you physically and emotionally need a break from training and measuring out your food. I get it.. me too.. and did. 
Your clothes are tighter, you're sluggish, and you've got a case of the "I don't wannas" or, even worse, the never-ending cycle of "I'll start over tomorrows." But tomorrow hasn't come yet, has it? Months of snuggling on the couch with a warm blanket and hot cup of cocoa—and pizza ordered in—are probably starting to show.
Summer's going to be here before you know it. What's your plan? Do you even have one? It's time to reboot. Let yourself off the hook for all your past mistakes. It's okay. We have all been there. You need to setup a plan. There are a million + diets, fitness workouts, gyms, magic pills, etc.. You need to find a plan that works for you. Start with something small like I plan on starting my couch to 5k again today or something like that. Make sure to practice self-forgiveness along the way. Your numbers will rebound with time. 
The real benefit is that you'll feel better, sleep better, have a more positive outlook, and genuinely feel more like yourself. Pushing yourself for those first few days is all you need to find yourself back on track and moving ahead at a comfortable speed. Just believe in yourself. Now get to it!


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